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6 Awesome features of Salesforce Summer ’21

Hello, everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood Concretio here to tell you about the 6 Awesome features of Salesforce Summer ’21. The next release is almost here, Exciting isn’t it?  means a whole bunch of new features and functionality for both Admins & Developers in the backend, and users who get UI improvements on the frontend. So what are those 6 awesome features of Salesforce Summer’21 in this time around. So let’s dive right into them, shall we…

  1. ‘Inline Editing’ Feature In Salesforce Reports (Beta) :

With the inline editing feature in Salesforce, you can update certain fields even if a record is (text, numeric, and checkbox) without leaving a report view. For example, if a sales rep is viewing an Opportunity Report, they will be able to edit and update the Probability field from the report and the report will automatically refresh.

  1. 3 free in-app walkthroughs

Earlier, MyTrailhead had a paid feature for Walkthroughs. But now with the release of the Summer ’21, you get 3 free ones! Now you can create interactive tours that guide users through onboarding or new features with step-by-step prompts.

Check out this short clip below that explains it in more detail:

  1.  Connect with prospects in new ways via Linkedin with Native Sales Navigator Integration

Sales reps can connect with prospects in more ways and more information using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator native integration. With native components, they can see LinkedIn profiles on lead, contact, opportunity, and account pages. And are able to send InMails and connection requests with native Lightning actions. 

  1. Pipeline inspection of sales team

Pipeline Inspection is the most comprehensive tool for sales reps because it provides a single view of their pipeline including key metrics and possibilities. Using the insights, sales reps will be able to focus on the most significant deals.

  1. Download a dashboard as a PNG file!

This is a pretty cool feature! It’s now even easier to share your dashboard. The dashboard is now downloadable as a PNG file that can be embedded anywhere you want!

  1. Find out access reasons in lightning experience

Now, because of the Record Sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience, that will help one learn why some users have access to some specific records.

We hope you enjoyed reading the summary of the Salesforce Summer ’21 features. What are your thoughts on these new updates? Do let us know in the comments. Till then, take care!! 🤗


Abhilasha Dabral

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