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Salesforce Tail logs in Browser (No CLI Installs)

Salesforce Tail logs in Browser (No CLI Installs)

Are you still watching tail logs in terminal or CLI windows? We are delighted to announce that we have released a brand-new version of our Chrome extension: Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema). That’s right, you heard it! This upgrade includes some subtle changes like the tail logs feature, and now anyone can use tail logs without being a geekish developer. Also, no CLI Installs/Complexity is needed! We hope you enjoy this update. To learn more about it in detail, keep reading.

Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema)


Any developer who has tried tail logs knows that It’s present on CLI. SFDX also delivers CLI based tail logs but with it, you get an enormous amount of logs that are difficult to comprehend and filter on the basis of events & users, along with it, it also demands you to install CLI, which is not easy for everyone because for that you really need to be master on the command line like you need to learn grep and other tricks to really filter what information you wanted in logs. 


Here you will see a demo that will easily generate 100-200 logs within a few minutes but typically this kind of information is very tough to handle and when a client comes with a bug or issue, their org is full of processes, and if you tried to watch debug logs for a user or if there are multiple users working in parallel. It gets extremely hard to track and to be aware of who is doing what which makes the tail logs very overwhelming and confusing as well.

Another challenge for this is that you need to install CLI and grasp CLI concepts to be able to filter out logs, also you need to login to salesforce again to authorize your CLI, but worry not, we are here to save all these steps for you. 

You can launch this extension from any salesforce logged-in tab.


If you talked about admins QA, Consultants, and business users. This category of users are generally not familiar with CLI, and neither with the other steps and complexities involved. Salesforce is itself moving towards less code and more clicks for keeping things simple and less complicated, so all in all you don’t need to learn a new thing from scratch just to debug an issue because we are here to make things easy for you.


So what we did in our tail logs  is:

  • We never ask for passwords. 
  • Start from any logged-in Salesforce tabs.
  • We are giving very powerful filtering ways to consume the logs without getting overwhelmed with the information.
  • We are trying to cover any category of users. Any business Users/Consultants/Admins can easily use it.

Beta release/Challenges:

  • We are polishing and stabilizing a lot of moving parts and known issues.
  • Efficient garbage collection and CPU management, to make sure the sanity of the browser is not lost. 

We know you’ll love this extension, and we can’t wait for your feedback! If there’s anything else about it that interests or concerns you feel free to contact us in the comments below. We’re always happy to help you out with any questions that you might have – so, what are you waiting for? GET IT NOW here!!


Abhilasha Dabral

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