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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Jan’21 Release Notes | Pardot, and Loyalty Management


We’re on over to the pardot section we are here to walk you through two exciting features that Salesforce is going to be releasing in the upcoming spring release so the first one that we’re going to be discussing is cross-business unit leads and contacts and this one, in particular, is quite unique in that it’s actually offering the opening of pardot platform but the flexibility to allow a single lead contact or person account to sync to more than one business unit. 

So we are excited to announce that this spring release in February 2021 will be releasing this capability and it will be available to all Salesforce’s advanced and premium pardot customers that have at least one pardot business unit so customers that have advanced or premium have one business unit to have typical use cases that could help for this if you have a customer or use cases where you want to partition by the customer by data or by various assets and configurations if you do have multiple regions you know your multinational corporation this could be helpful for you as well as multiple product lines and the ability to scale horizontally. Let’s say today it’s not quite the case that you have this multinational corporation but it does give you that neat organizational structure to grow into whether it be cross-sell or you don’t want to have those duplicates done on the road so this makes it something quite exciting.

Now the next feature that we wanted to cover here is the campaign cloning with related assets and this is a great feature as well when it comes to productivity gains. This allows pardot customers to clone pardot marketing assets with specific records tied to the campaign and when we’re looking at campaigns as you know when to replicate that in salesforce but however pardot previously was not and you’d have to kind of manually go in and make these changes so in this case, we will now have the ability to clone across things like landing pages, marketing forms which then also include nested forms and fork handlers as well as marketing links.

Loyalty Management

We’re now going to briefly touch on loyalty management which is an exciting new product from Salesforce. Loyalty management is an end-to-end loyalty platform that empowers businesses to create intelligent differentiated engagements that grow relationships that increase customer lifetime value. there are many major benefits to loyalty management but we’ll touch on four key ones:

  1. First is the flexible and enterprise platform, organizations can configure their programs to fit their needs for both B2B and B2C spaces across various industries built on the trusted Salesforce platform. businesses will have the agility to adapt their loyalty strategies and programs as demand changes. 
  2. Next is that it allows driving value for businesses and customers with the underlying infrastructure already built organizations will avoid building completely custom solutions from the ground, instead they can accelerate their time to value and still have the flexibility to design a unique loyalty program that both engages and provides value to customers as well as drives ROI for their business.
  3. The third key benefit is that it allows you to create an integrated loyalty ecosystem. loyalty should be a high load endeavor taken on by a single team and loyalty management comes equipped with a built-in loyalty ecosystem through registration with sales with service cloud, marketing cloud, and customer 360 audiences as well as thousands of app exchange partners if customers choose to bring their own PDP marketing platforms or mobile apps so you can integrate into any of those interesting systems.

Loyalty isn’t just about a program but’s about creating a connected experience by leveraging an integrated loyalty ecosystem that provides a 360-degree view and a single source of truth for every loyalty member enabling personalized engagement across every channel

So on this above image, you can see the full feature portfolio for loyalty management. Next quickly you touch on how you can leverage the power of the salesforce ecosystem to create expected loyalty solutions by which you can unify your customer data with customer 360 audiences. leveraging loyalty management data to further inform the expectancy you can set loyalty across the entire customer journey with the marketing cloud and use that to amplify personalization then you can easily pull your loyalty promotion right into the email studio for delivery. So those are some key marketing-specific benefits but it’s called low key management also has powerful integrations with service tableau and experience cloud to ensure your customers get the best possible experience. 

The April’21 release for Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be rolled out between April 10th through April 17th, 2021. For more information, go to the full release notes on the Salesforce website here. In the meantime, you can ask any query regarding this topic in the comment box down below, We’re always happy to assist with any other questions you might have! 


Abhilasha Dabral

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