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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Jan’21 Release Notes | Einstein & Google Analytics 360

So, first, let’s talk about  Einstein learning center which moves into updates and content selection and content tagging and wrap up with updates to engagement frequency and the new freezer’s new free version of Salesforce’s google analytics integration for Salesforce journey builder customers so let’s get into it.

Salesforce introduced the Einstein learning center which is an interactive educational use case driven portal that ties Einstein applications and features directly to real marketing KPIs that you care about it’s embedded directly into Einstein’s overview which brings all the marketing cloud applications together on a single pane of glass and they also make it super easy to find the relevant resources and expertise you need to light up specific functionalities. 

Einstein learning center is available for all Einstein customers. Next, let’s talk about what’s new within Salesforce’s content solutions if you’re not super familiar with Einstein content selection ECS is a pretty slick feature that allows AI to automatically personalize and optimize individual content areas within an email at the subscriber level so it can automatically manage scheduled content that has specific validity date ranges, help automate ABN testing at the content level, control how often evergreen content is selected and even target specific types of content to customer segment so for example let’s say you’re an outdoor company and your small but mighty marketing team is building out a monthly sales promo, you could use coding to create unique experiences based on subscriber data and that’s super powerful but scale could be a challenge instead you can give ECS your asset pool augment it with the same metadata you’re already using and thinking about and that Einstein did the heavy lifting.

It’ll pick the right content based on real-time behavior and rules you’ve defined like french content to french speakers all real-time even after the message has been opened and you particularly love this last part because you don’t end up frustrating recipients with offers for full-time inventory. 

One of the great aspects of Einstein content selection is the ability to see real-time performance analytics for your content which means you’re able to pop in and see which aspect Einstein is collecting as the time is progressing or after a send is completed.

These analytics are presented graphically and now the selections and clicks are displayed how they relate to each other as well as the total number or the total volume of selections and how they change over time and how those selections are distributed across available assets so keep in mind that assets that get more clicks are selected more often and the volume of selection maps to email opens these enhancements make it even easier to understand how your customers are engaging with your content real-time and what content is performing well. 

Now while performance graphs help you understand performance overall what about if you want to understand why something happened for a specific subscriber but they have the same question which is why they introduced the ability to view selections so after the fund is started you can head over to Einstein content selection and click that performance analytics tab from there you can see exactly what content was selected for a specific subscriber and you can see the reason why that must have been selected instead of a different asset this view uses a snapshot of ECS configuration at the time the selection was made so any subsequent changes in the configuration won’t mess up any data or cause any confusion. 

Moving on to Salesforce’s latest enhancements to the content features. Let’s talk about updates to Einstein content tagging if you’re not familiar ECT helps you operationalize content tagging by automatically tagging image assets for you using google vision AI API. In this release, the marketing cloud administrator can now have Einstein tag images in over 100 languages. A couple of things to keep in mind, First, all customers both existing and new will default to tagging images in English second admins can change the tagging language at any time however the new language will only be used for newly applied tags. Tags are applied when a new image is uploaded or an existing image is modified but keep in mind that manually created tags are never updated by Einstein. 

There are two updates for the people who use Journey Builder. First Einstein engagement frequency is now available through a single event journey in addition to multi-step-journey. If you’re new to engagement frequency another acronym for you EEF which is the send time tool designed to maximize open rates while minimizing unsubscribes again at the individual subscriber level it does this by gaining the frequency in which messages are sent based on how over or under saturated a particular content is using the frequency split activity so for example suppose you raise funds for a nonprofit organization.

They know that some supporters give only one time, some give regularly, others give on different occasions and all of them donate at different levels rather than just batch and blast. you can use EEF to message each of the segments within your overall donor pool on a different day and at a different time, you can potentially use different content using some of the other tools.

All right, the last thing that we are going to talk about is google analytics integration so we’re super excited to know that Salesforce has now got a free version of google analytics integration for all of marketing cloud customers again who have journey builders. As a little bit of background, Salesforce has an existing partnership with Google to integrate google analytics 360 or GA 360 with marketing cloud accounts. This is a paid offering that requires implementation typically done with an implementation partner, and it does come with a cost. This is a new live version of the existing GA offering and will offer robust reporting and tracking for both email and SMS sends including more visibility into emails and SMS activities like detailed conversion metrics.

The April’21 release for Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be rolled out between April 10th through April 17th, 2021. For more information, go to the full release notes on the Salesforce website here. In the meantime, you can ask any query regarding this topic in the comment box down below, We’re always happy to assist with any other questions you might have! 


Abhilasha Dabral

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