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Salesforce For Mortgage Lending Industry

“We’re witnessing the creative destruction of financial services, rearranging itself around the customer. Who does this in the most relevant, exciting way using data and digital, wins! ”

-Arvind Sankaran 

The financial services have always been one of the most important and crucial factor for every economy, every individual and organisation has always relied on financial services. But due to recent changes and with the upcoming new technologies, financial services has changed there a way of doing their business 

The new approach of every financial services institute whether it’s Mortgage, banking or any other financial services the change is imminent and how they are now moving to more Customer-centric and using the latest technologies has changed the perspective of the financial services. 

Today, every financial institute is looking for digital transformation and want to be closer to their customers through the use of technology and want to make their process a more customer-centric and promoting their services as personalized as possible. 

The recent state of the art technologies like Salesforce who are providing varied products, for every industry is helping them in various factors to name a few like 

  • Process Automation 
  • Personalized Customer Journey 
  • Better Customer Support 
  • Increasing their New Business Development 
  • Providing Insights for Cross-sell and upsell 
  • Seamless Integrations 
  • Scaling the Business  
  • User-Friendly Web Portals 
  • Better Analysis of Customer Data 

If we consider today scenario, Consumers are accustomed to getting the products and services they need, when and where they need them 

Today, the majority of individuals carry a smartphone and if we look on to the smartphone users globally for the last five years we can see the trends like 


The new age Millenials are the major targeted consumers upcoming for the changes in the technological market and the financial institutes are the one who is still changing and struggling to make a move on to new technologies. 

Mortgage Providers Are Missing Expectations, The landscape where the mortgage industry finds itself is one in which most lenders are lagging far behind. Instead of seamless, intelligent mortgage experience, consumers are carrying the weight. It doesn’t matter whether the organisation is small or big everyone now days are going digital. 

The Terms like “Digital Banking” are coming up to move forward from the traditional way of banking.

They way Consumers, Partners or Employees navigate through an intricate web of paperwork and a disconnected galaxy of stakeholders — loan officers, brokers, mortgage underwriters, title companies, and sellers. Instead of a transparent environment, consumers encounter an opaque and tension-filled process. Indeed, what is unique about taking out a mortgage today as opposed to a couple of decades ago is how little has changed. The mortgage process remains complex and weighted down with a huge number of documents needed to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements, adding frustration and stress for everyone involved in the process. 

Moreover, mortgages involve numerous stakeholders who need to work together to keep the process on track whereas consumers can easily track the progress of everyday transactions online and via mobile apps, it is still exceedingly difficult to monitor the status of a loan for the largest purchase most people will make in their lives.

So how the organisation can improve their process and how Salesforce can help them to achieve it 

Through the Salesforce latest, Digital-first Process Organisation can 

  • Engaging partners and borrowers in one to one journey 
  • Expanding the footprint while ensuring compliance 
  • Optimize the mortgage process with key insights 
  • Grow the business with enterprise-grade products 
  • Enhance Collaboration and visibility to partners and borrowers.
  • Presenting innovations among partners and employees

So how  Salesforce Customer Success Platform can help you streamline your processes and engage customers with a seamless mortgage experience which we are discussing because of its wide variety of products which they can offer 


The Salesforce platform lets organizations extend the holistic mortgage process from point of interest through to underwriting and fulfilment, orchestrating, connecting existing systems and services for a truly digital and customer-centric borrowing experience.


Today’s mortgage borrowers expect a 1-to-1 relationship with your brand throughout the home-buying or refinancing journey. Salesforce for mortgage and lending marketing creates personalized journeys at scale, nurturing home-buying prospects and keeping customers engaged throughout the mortgage process.


Community Cloud lets you build and customize a community to connect and collaborate with customers, brokers, and employees throughout the mortgage origination process. It lets you reimagine the home buying and mortgage experience, where customer, the lender, and third-party stakeholders collaborate in a secure and private manner around a process that spans both traditional high-touch and evolving digital platforms.


With the client at the centre of Financial Services Cloud, mortgage institutions can track financial life goals across the borrower’s household. This ensures that brokers and direct lenders are meeting the personalized needs of each customer and his or her family and capturing a footprint of all interactions from initial inquiry through


Salesforce Einstein intelligently surfaces timely, relevant, and smart articles, insights, and recommendations to assist buyers at the various stages of the home buying and mortgage process. This adds value every step of the way and in the context of customers’ interactions and intent—without them having to search for needed insight when the moment arises. 

We can see its predominantly clear that Salesforce can provide a wide variety of products and with the right consulting agency, Salesforce can do wonders in your current business and can assist you in creating great customer journey and sales interaction.

The Complete Paradigm shift in Customer Experience is coming up and now customers are looking for their Mortgage providers to provide them with digital experience, the mortgage providers are coming up with many activities so as to bring the customer engaged and feel the experience in doing business with them services like 

  • Digital Application process 
  • Review and Status of Application Process 
  • Regular Transactional reminders and updates through customer prefered communication mode 
  • Updates and reminders about the upcoming payment 
  • Getting promotional offers 
  • Adding Top Up in their existing Loan Account  
  • Chatbot Support for instant support when banking hours are over 
  • One touch Application support in Mobile or Web. 

So the  question is no longerWhether consumer want these experiences, It’s now a question of “WHEN?” WHY?” and ”HOW?” 

Harting Harris

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