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Quarterly Digest – 7 Pardot Marketing Articles We Loved

If you’re into marketing, then you need to identify marketing blogs that will nudge you to keep at your game.
You know there is a huge number of online marketing blogs out there and it gets overwhelming for marketers and organizations to discover and read the right ones.
But I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. It’s tricky to pick a single marketing article as my favorite, but some of them have had a lasting impression on me. Marketing has transformed, the Buyer’s behavior has changed, and marketers should keep up. You can take advantage of this post that contains the collection of popular marketing articles around to get a general notion. If you strictly follow and read the blogs below, your insights, experience, and conviction will take on wings and your business will fly. It’s high time you stay updated on everything that’s going on in the marketing industry worldwide.
Here’s a list of 7 best marketing-related blogs that you should read and learn from:

5 Strategies for Successful Marketing and Sales Alignment

When Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned, Both Suffer. They both use separate processes, tools, and data, and most importantly they have different priorities. They use different systems and different data. While this may sometimes enable each team to be successful on its own, more often than not, it doesn’t encourage the joint effort required to deliver the unified.

And, here are some five crucial key points to overcome the differences between Sales and Marketing Team:

1) Sharing Plans, Targets, and Metrics

2) Appointing a leader in each team

3) Communication must be regular in both teams

4) Turning enablement sessions into pipeline workshops

5) Empowering sales team with marketing insights

Continue reading Daniel Newman’s (Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce) post here.

Salesforce on Salesforce: Tips on How Marketers Can Make Sales Kickoffs Even Better

Just like other companies, the marketing team occupies an influential section of the agenda for the sales kickoff events. They dominate the product messaging, launch strategies, product enablement and big bets for the coming financial year. So it is obvious that marketing needs a solid presence at a sales kickoffs.

The challenging factor of executing a top-notch sales kickoff is meeting the desires peculiar to sales teams to bring an alluring, powerful training that inspires reps. These possibilities are often very high and sometimes missed.

The following points demonstrate some best practices on how marketing teams can make sales kickoffs better this year:

  1. Have a clear idea of your goal
  2. Envision beyond powerpoint
  3. Bring in customers
  4. Engage the sales with content & Delivery

Continue reading Kevin Baldacci (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce) post here.

Critical Data Points That Will Maximize Sales Rep Efficiency 

Regardless of what is your position in your organization — whether you’re a marketer driving leads, a sales head responsible for quotas, or the CEO — you’re impacted by the efficiency of your company’s sales team. 

At the point when your sales team is equipped with the right data, tools, and support, they’ll have the option to benefit as much as possible from new (and existing) opportunities to maximize revenue. When they don’t have the data, tools, and support they need, your entire organization leaves money on the table. 

Here are the three key points you can measure to assure that your sales team is positioned to engage at peak efficiency. 

1) Predictive Lead Score

2) Average Lifetime Value

3) Time to-Quote

Continue reading Emily Fultz’s(Product Marketer at Salesforce) post here

How to Visualize and Create a Strategic Customer Experience

Most of the marketers have taken a visual strategy to portray how a purchaser communicates with a brand and goes from being an unidentified prospect to a converted customer. The two most frequent visuals of the customer journey are the funnel and the circle. 

The funnel maps prospects moving from the wide awareness stage to the narrow customer phase, whereas the circle visual maps a progressing series of customer touchpoints.

In the Age of Intelligent Marketing, how would we bring a model based on customer experiences into the B2B sales cycle? That is only possible if we grasp the basis of the following points:

1) Understanding customer experiences

2) Catering to distinct behaviors through lead nurturing Tactics

3) Continuation of the customer relationship post-purchase

Continue reading Veda Kumarjiguda’s (Digital Marketing and Strategy Professional) post here

3 Things B2B Companies can learn from the B2C Buying Experience

When was the last time you purchased something spontaneously? Most likely recently. With the inception of Amazon’s one-click ordering, The idea that consumers could enter in their billing, shipping and payment information just once and then simply click a button to buy something going forward was unheard before but it got implemented and it represented a breakthrough for the idea of hassle-free online shopping. With the rise of mobile payments and the ease of Apple’s App Store, it’s easier than ever to instantly gain access to services. Click a button, and a purchase is made.

Nowadays buyers prefer personalized, immediate buying experiences. B2C organizations are improving with personalized recommendations, simple checkout procedures, and excellent customer support. therefore, they’re prospering.

Some things B2B Companies can learn from the B2C Buying experience:

  1. Real-time engagement
  2. Personalized content
  3. Effortless experience

Continue reading Maura Rivera’s (Vice President at Marketing at Qualified.com) post here

Revenue Operations: The New Model for Accelerated Go-to-Market Execution

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the strategic convergence of sales, marketing, and customer success to drive full-funnel accountability across the revenue engine. The role of Revenue Operations is to accelerate growth and provide more predictable revenue, by unifying and optimizing the processes that generate the company’s top-line success. The expansion of both data & sales and marketing technology tools had fundamentally lifted the role of the operations professional in a powerful way.

This new organizational model provides a more holistic and coordinated marketing approach for B2B enterprises that enhance the buyer experience, increase revenue and fuel growth. According to a survey- businesses with aligned revenue engines commonly generate income 12 to 15 times faster than the principle and are 34 percent more profitable.

Continue reading Karen Steele’s (Marketing executive) post here

3 Ways Manufacturers Can Empower Channel Sales Teams

If you work in manufacturing marketing, you know it’s not quite the same as some other sort of marketing. Lots of manufacturers at first sell through third parties like dealers and distributors. Your own organization’s prosperity is directly attached to the success of these channel sales teams.

Your channel sales team is your association with the buyer. Did you know that 69% of business buyers expect companies to anticipate their needs? To better engage customers and see steady sales growth, you need to connect with your channel sales teams. When you are highly engaged with your channel, and their sales teams have the tools they need to convey extraordinary customer experiences.  

Here are three different ways manufacturing brands empower their channel sales teams: 

  1. It’s Important to know your channel partner to know your real customer
  2. Continuous Education and onboarding
  3. Give marketing assistance to channel sales teams

Continue reading Matthew Schommer’s (Area Vice President Sales – B2B Marketing Pardot) post here.

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