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How AccelQ helps in Test Automation on Salesforce, Web & Desktop

As a QA Automation engineer, most feel exhausted while finding the right element or switching between frames/pop-ups to Automate various UI flows within Salesforce or elsewhere? Let’s see how AcceLQ tries to solve this problem

Key challenges of QA Automation

  1. Designing an appropriate framework to Test the Salesforce (Enterprise) applications or other Web & Desktop based applications?
  2. Finding dynamic elements, contents, and handling frames?
  3. Having no prior knowledge of coding?
  4. How to Set-up a Test bed and environment?
  5. Where to store the Test data, Test scripts, and other Test management documents?
  6. Back-up & Recovery of the data?
  7. Tracking user activities and entity change-history?
  8. Maintaining Test scripts for every single update in AUT (Application Under Test)?
  9. Generating advanced Test Reports and mail to top-level hierarchy?
  10. Merging Functional, UI, API, and DB testing on a single platform?

We will try dwelling into the “AccelQ” platform, and will seek the answers to each challenge quoted above.

AccelQ Products:

  1. AccelQ Automate
  2. AccelQ API 
  3. AccelQ Manual 
  4. AccelQ Unified.

Note: AccelQ Unified is an amalgamation of the rest 3 Products.

But, here we’ll be covering the benefits (Trump-card) of using AccelQ Automate, especially for the Salesforce platform.

AccelQ is AI-driven, Cloud-based Codeless Test Automation & Management Platform.

It provides seamless two-way integration with bug tracking tools like JIRA, TFS, etc. And also offers native CI/CD plugin support for Jenkins, Bamboo, and other plugins that make this platform quite ubiquitous amongst other available test automation platforms in the market. One can even automate the complete Quality Lifecycle on it, commencing with Test planning and ending with Test execution or change management. 

Image: 1.1 Illustrates what we can do at each stage of the Quality Life-cycle using the AccelQ platform.

Each stage of the Quality Life-cycle using the AccelQ platform

Img. 1.1 (Image Credit: AccelQ Documentation)

Along with the above illustrated features, AccelQ has a lot more in the bucket to show:

  1. It embeds UI, Functional, and API testing on the same chair that allows you to practice (test) it on the same simplified flow. 
  2. In-built support for SOAP and REST API gives the platform a unique strength. Even providing flexibility to execute DB testing on it.

Overall, this means that AccelQ allows you to execute white-box testing.

By default ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) is integrated with AccelQ for Test execution and advanced reporting. It has a Cloud-hosted infrastructure i.e. directly proportional to the Saucelabs (World’s largest continuous testing cloud for web & mobile applications) and BrowserStack.

The notable functionalities of the AccelQ

  • Universe automatically creates a Visualized Blueprint for the application, based on designed scenarios and actions. This gives a big relief to QA & BA to develop more scenarios between two or more distinct pages.
  • One can effortlessly discover and add the unique elements to the repository with a snapshot of the page. 

         Note: Use AccelQ – View Recorder Chrome Extension to analyze and capture the view.

  • Encrypt your password with AccelQ’s “Encrypted Password Generator” functionality when needed to provide confidential information.
  • AccelQ allows cross-browser testing on different OS with a single RUN
  • It does not fail the Test script on frequent changes to the element but uses the inbuilt power of AI to locate the element and keep it running.

Confused about choosing the most competent Test Automation tool for the Salesforce platform?

Well, this usually happens with every QA Automation engineer, when it comes to choosing the right platform to fit your needs. But you don’t have to worry we have done all the heavy lifting for you so you can gain a better perspective in picking the right platform that fits your needs.

  • As we all know that when the Salesforce page renders on the browser unlike any other HTML pages, it processes all dynamic content on the server-side. So Finding, Automating salesforce’s dynamic elements, contents, and handling dynamic tables is quite challenging with other tools. But, AccelQ has a solution for this. It uses AI-driven neighborhood analysis techniques to provide better support for handling complex and dynamic contents.
  • Salesforce is a large enterprise platform and it loads the content in independent dynamic frames and pop-ups. For which QA Automation engineer has to put some additional coding efforts and time in finding the right attributes to perform actions outside the default frame. So here AccelQ again assists in this issue by handling dynamic frames and pop-ups without writing any code.

Let’s talk about its other striking functionalities.

  • AccelQ is also effective in automating  Lightning, Classic, and VisualForce pages.
  • It helps in improving the quality of Salesforce release
  • Automate business process validation across different Salesforce modules
  • Supports salesforce metadata, an Advantage for QA Automation engineer
  • AccelQ is available on AppExchange

As a QA Automation engineer, It’s easy to manage when we get all our solutions via a single platform.


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Thanks to our Salesforce Consultant Divy for this amazing blog post brilliantly written with detailed information. If you are still hungry for more info? Please uncover these Salesforce centric blogs.

Abhilasha Dabral

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