About Us

Concretio was founded in 2013 by Abhinav Gupta (8 times Salesforce MVP), with a motive to build a team of passionate individuals, who want to develop high quality solutions, and enjoy challenges posed by rapidly changing technology.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 10 PM IST




Here, at Concretio, we believe that staying humble is the key to the success of a business in the long term. That is exactly why we foster a culture that is self-critical so that we don’t get comfortable with the amount of success that comes our way. In the workplace, principles of honesty, trust, modesty, and mutual respect are followed so that a conducive environment is created for nurturing business growth.

We understand the need to provide an avenue through which not only can our employees utilize their skills but also enjoy what they do with severe passion and determination. Only when they feel comfortable to perform their jobs, and continue to perform eagerly, is when we truly see astounding results that leaves our clients just as appreciative as we are of our team. With each project, the excitement builds we become more knowledgeable, refine our skills and channel creativity as best as possible.

Here is an insight into the process followed with every project we secure:

Careful Selection

When time comes to hire a developer, we have a screening process to ensure that only the qualified are selected. After completing the 1st round’s coding assignment, prospective developers take part in a live coding session which determines the quality of their skills.

Internal Training

In order to remain competitive, we keep up with the latest technological developments, programs and methodologies. Having a process that continues to evolve, we offer internal training to employees so that they are informed and able to utilize such skills.

Paid Subscriptions

We also make use of online learning portals like udemy.com, EggHead.io, PluralSight.com, so on and so forth, using paid subscriptions. This way we get access to all the resources we need.

Work to Life Balance

In this day and age, we cannot understate the importance of a good work to life ratio. Not only is it good for the mental health of the employee but it also results in better performances. As such, we encourage outside activities and only have a working week of 5 days –utilizing weekends only once in a blue moon if an extensive project demands it. We even offer opportunities to work from home; employees can decide their working hours in direct correlation to the time zone of the client.

One Project at a Time

At Concretio, we have a ‘One Project at a Time’ policy for our employees to ensure that they are not spread out too thin. Their laser focus is what results in projects being completed faster and better.

As a company that values transparency and feedback, we want to establish long term relationships with our clients so that we can continue to provide a platform to our employees for utilizing their passions and skills. We do our work with complete honesty and openness. As such, if ever a time comes that resources need to be changed on a project, the client is the first stakeholder to be notified. If resources need to be replaced, the client has the full say in who gets selected next. Similarly, if something needs tweaking, the client’s feedback is incorporated into the project as best as possible. Values and practices like these is what allows us to improve our culture continuously.

With Concretio, the resource getting billed is the one who is actually working on the project.

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