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Are you looking for Salesforce Consulting Services? As Salesforce Implementation Partner, We provide services of · Salesforce Communities Cloud · Marketing Cloud · Idea to AppExchange Listing · APIs and Integrations · Gorgeous UX · Solution/Security/AppExchange Review · Salesforce Custom Development · Salesforce Mobile Solutions, And so much more!!

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6 reasons why you should choose Concretio as your Salesforce Consulting Partner

Whether you are beginning from the square one and lacking a consultant to strengthen your company through the onboarding process or you have a unique project that is in need of assistance with customization, We as a Salesforce consulting partner can sustain several needs. Here, we have described six crucial points about why you should choose us. 

1. Salesforce Certifications

Our consultants hold many certifications that can strongly benefit your business in huge capacity. While there are over 35+ Salesforce certifications available but which consultant expertise will work for you It ultimately depends on your business needs, A few important certifications that are expected for the majority of projects covers (and guess what, we have all):

  • Certified Administrator
  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Community Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Platform Developer 1
  • Certified Platform Developer 2
  • Integration Architecture Designer 
  • Data Architecture and Management Designer
  • Certified Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer
  • Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer

2. We understand your business

While our consultants will work for your company under a set period of time to complete a project but our ultimate goal will be to understand the core of the problem and will work towards providing the most complete solution – regardless of the timeframe.

Our consultants’ approach always consists of a broader view, they look at the bigger picture – what is your business seeking to achieve with this project? We don’t rush in and out but We are the people who are completely focused on long-term value.

3. Onboarding Process

First things first, Initially we lay out a clear process for you from beginning to end about what things are going to be like under the tasks. We will be telling you a well-defined process that covers each step. the process will look like this:

  • The first step begins with defining goals and success criteria, setting modes and regularity of communication
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Change Control Process
  • Solution Delivery and Testing
  • Documentation and Training
  • Go Live Process and Support
  • Knowledge Transfer to Internal Team
  • Ongoing Support

4. Application Development and Architecture 

We are quite skilled at project-based tasks, however, we also analyze the entire set of other solutions and systems owned by your company. 

The mindset of our consultants has a creative, cohesive, coordinated, and holistic approach towards solutions, taking into attention the investments in your existing systems and applications. Salesforce is an immense platform with many clouds, capabilities, tools, and a vast ecosystem of third-party apps, yet sometimes a problem can be really tricky so this is the reason why our consultants are open to exploring other solutions and integrate with Salesforce.

We have a proper balance of administrator and technical experience in consultants and you can be fully assured that they have the right field of vision to implement the most reliable and most effective solution.

5. Complex Problem Solving and Past Projects & References

We believe that one incredibly valuable skill is the ability of a Salesforce consultant to customize through creativity and complex problem-solving. Your company’s issues are unique, so we as a responsible partner don’t approach yours like every other company because each and every company we work with is special to us, and because you choose us for becoming your potential consulting partner so for your assurance we provide you references as well as examples of our previous projects. This will help you understand our experienced and hard-working team.

6. Long-Term Partner and Trusted Advisor  

As you search for the right Salesforce partner, we are someone with whom you can envision your company working in the long-term. You can trust us as an advisor that has the skills to solve new Salesforce problems as we arise.

Time to Unlock Salesforce Potential! Concretio’s consultants know how to make Salesforce increase your customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Abhilasha Dabral

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