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Local Time & Weather is coming up with a massive upgrade!

Local Time & Weather is coming up with a massive upgrade, with no dependency on Google API keys, and a brand new Smart Lists Tab.
This app started in early 2015, it was our zeal to learn and quickly do something in Aura components (called Lightning in 2015) for the newly introduced AppExchange for Components category, we were among the first few ISVs to innovate rapidly and list an Aura component in 2015. Fast forward now in 2020, this app is currently serving 800 customers worldwide.

We are done with a major release some time ago, and our team is more than excited to share new updates that come with this release. There are 3 notable changes and features:

The App works without Google API Key

We optimized and used the latest platform enhancements to remove the dependency on Google API keys for Timezone/Location related calculations. Google API keys worked well for most of our users, but it started asking for a paid Billing account recently, which created a lot of confusion. Apart from Address based Timezone calculations, we changed our algo to also support records with just Phone numbers to reverse engineer the correct timezone.

100% LWC (Lightning Web Components) Migration & UX Uplifting

We are invested in bringing the best of the latest Salesforce platform updates and releasing the LWC package after internal testing for the last few weeks. LWC is very fast in comparison to Aura. This was a long journey from a 100% Aura codebase to a 100% LWC build now. We also invested a lot of time revisiting our UX to make it more simple, intuitive, and user friendly.

New Tabs – Smart Lists

It works on top of the existing List views and offers time-sensitive filters to let Sales reps decide the best time to contact the prospects/contacts/customers. The tab is available for Account, Contact, And Lead. Sales reps can easily decide if they are calling a bunch of customers/leads in their morning, afternoon, or evening time.

The above Demo Video will provide you a crystal clear picture of the app functionalities, and If you are on an older version of the app or would like to install it, you can upgrade/install it to the latest here.


Abhilasha Dabral

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