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Dreamforce Day 1 Updates

Dreamforce Day 1 Updates

The Dreamforce 2022 is finally here in full force after two years of virtual and hybrid events. Each fall, tens of thousands of trailblazers gather in downtown San Francisco to learn about new products, gain technical expertise, and hear from experts in a variety of fields. The Dreamforce experience is like no other tech conference.

As the event is currently underway, we will cover all of the exciting announcements that took place yesterday on 20th September 2022, so let’s get started.

Salesforce unbottled ‘Genie’

Genie is a brand new data platform powering the world’s first real-time CRM 🪄

Genie powers Salesforce’s whole Customer 360 platform with hyper-scale, real-time data. Using Genie, any business can transform data into customer magic, providing seamless, personalized experiences in sales, service, marketing, & commerce. It adapts adjustments of customer requirements as they keep changing.

How it works: Real-time data streams are ingested and stored by Genie at massive scale, and integrates with Salesforce data. Genie combines data from every channel, MuleSoft legacy data, and historical data from proprietary data lakes through built-in connectors.

Note: You must use Hyperforce in order to use Salesforce Genie which is Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure. With Hyperforce: Managing data responsibly and increasing consumer trust is made easy, it delivers data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls. 

To learn more about it, please visit here.

Net Zero Marketplace

Salesforce unveils its first-of-its-kind marketplace for carbon credit at Dreamforce, which enables any organization to move towards net zero carbon emissions.

With the introduction of this marketplace, Salesforce has made Sustainability its fifth core value, highlighting their commitment to tackling climate change as well as helping organizations advance their initiatives.

The purpose of carbon credits is to neutralize carbon emissions for  companies. Every credit means one ton of carbon, with the proceeds going to projects fighting climate change such as the planting of trees or the restoration of forests. 

Powered by the Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace links buyers and ecopreneurs, offering a catalog of projects with an easy peasy e-commerce experience for purchasing them.

As Salesforce makes sustainability a core value, they are also focusing more on helping customers reach their net-zero goals. For customers to track their environmental impact, Salesforce also offers the Net Zero Cloud in addition to the Net Zero Marketplace.

Introducing Slack canvas

New Slack innovations to enhance team productivity: Salesforce’s third big announcement at Dreamforce was about brand new Slack features, and the features were about to make it more productive for teams to work together in their digital HQ, allowing them to draw actionable data directly from Salesforce Customer 360. 

In Slack Canvas, teams will be able to select, organize, and share crucial resources from next year. They can integrate data from record systems into the canvas and automate business-critical workflows when using updated Slack and Customer 360.

Teams can now hold live coworking sessions, lightweight video conferencing, multi-person screen sharing, and message threads, thanks to Slack huddles.

While summarizing this year’s innovations, this guide will cover the three major Slack updates.

In the coming weeks, all users will have access to the new Slack platform and huddle features.

We hope these three significant announcements on the first day of the Dreamforce event gave you a sense of the whole 24-hour event There are still so many exciting things that we didn’t mention to keep this blog post short, sweet, and crisp for you, It’s great to hear your thoughts on the blog, so feel free to leave a comment.


Abhilasha Dabral

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