Our Services.

Salesforce Implementation

We know how to tweak best of Salesforce to give you maximum ROI. This confidence comes from experience (since 2008) and implementation experience for world's largest enterprises.
We design solutions to pick up best mix of Salesforce licenses, and scalability for large data volumes.


Salesforce Custom Development

We are expert in customizing Salesforce beyond "point and click" i.e. via Aura, LWC(Lightning), Apex, Visualforce, Flows, Process Builder and Triggers.
Our code(pages & triggers) don't fail in production, scalability is the foundation for any solution delivered.

Aura Components & LWC

Our team was among early adopters of Aura (now Lightning), and we were among the first few Salesforce partners to list an Aura component (post-security review) on newly introduced AppExchange Components marketplace in 2015.
We successfully shipped above 1000 Aura Components so far. Same passion continues with LWC (Lightning Web Components), a few projects are under development, more updates to come soon. 

Marketing Cloud

Achieve new level of marketing success, with multi-channel customer journeys across email, mobile, social, advertising, and the Web.

Our team is helping enterprises across the world, to make most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Communities Cloud

Empower your customers, and partners without leaving Salesforce. We know how to give the best and most intuitive UX for customers and partners, and give your more ROI on Salesforce licenses. 

We delivered multiple successful Community Cloud projects using Community Builder using Aura components. 

Salesforce 1 Mobile Apps

We understand challenges with mobile web, and know how to deliver apps which works really smooth on Salesforce1 mobile.

This confidence comes from delivery of many solutions comprising of Visualforce pages, Lightning components and latest of web technologies on Salesforce 1 platform. 


From idea to AppExchange

We have done it for more than 10 publicly listed apps on AppExchange. We are happy to be your team in this innovative journey, i.e.

Brain Storming > Prototyping > MVP Release > Security Review > Public Listing on AppExchange. 

Please checkout our portfolio and get a feel of app quality we delivered for our own apps. 

Gorgeous & Responsive UX

Our USP is gorgeous and responsive UX in Aura, LWC and classic Visualforce, using best and latest web standards HTML/CSS, along with SLDS, Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery, Kendo, etc.

We take pride in delivering screens, which are way beyond, just a mere dump of the database on the web page. 


APIs and Integrations

We master Salesforce integrations with other systems 'securely', using SOAP/REST with XML/JSON over simple Basic or "OAuth 2" authentication. 

We have integrated Salesforce with popular APIs/Platforms like Amazon Web Services(S3, SES, EC2, Lambda), Google (Tasks, Calendar, Maps, Places, GeoCode, Charts), etc.


Hybrid Mobile Development

Hybrid mobile development is new industry trend to maintain single code base for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile apps. Hybrid apps gets best of both worlds, with features like offline, finger print sensors and other native device capabilities. 

We master delivering the same using Ionic, AngularJS and Salesforce Mobile SDK. We delivered multiple apps for field service agents which work well in low network conditions. 

Solution/Architecture/Code Review

Is your consulting partner cheating you ? 

Save your hard earned money from going in vain. Why don't you schedule a solution review session with our experts. We will make sure your app is correct from architecture standpoint, and developers are following best coding practices. 


AppExchange Security Review

We met many innovators who opted under skilled developers, and missed "Go Live" because of multiple rejections in Salesforce AppExchange security review. Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace serving apps for best enterprises in world, to keep up the trust they want your custom app to live upto security standards of Salesforce. 

If your development partner is struggling with security review, we are here to help, and done the same for 15+ ISV partners.


Me You There

  • "Me You There" makes it super easy to find the perfect place for your meeting. In just two taps you can find, book and tell everyone where to meet right from Salesforce1.
  • It's a Salesforce 1 and mobile first app, desktop version is in roadmap.
  • This app started as our submission for "Salesforce summer of hacks" event in Bangalore (July'14).
  • It's a single page app, hosted in visualforce, built using HTML5, AngularJS, CSS3, Bootstrap (SF1) and compiled using Grunt.


View AppExchange Listing


Local Time (Lightning Component)

  • Does it takes a lot of clicks + time to figure out local time of a given Contact, Lead or Account record. This component/app saves your time, by showing the current local time by adding this component to any required place.
  • This app is a publicly listed Lightning Component on Salesforce AppExchnage.
  • Because of heavy demand, we offered compatibility with both standard detail page layouts and Salesforce 1 Lightning as well.
  • It works with standard CRM objects like Lead, Contact, and Accounts.

View AppExchange Listing


Chrome Extension : Salesforce Developer Tool Suite

  • Suite of tools like Debug log viewer, and Event Data Monitoring
  • It loads without any authentication or ask for user name or password.
  • Saves your time to view debug logs i.e. via setup area or dev console. This extension is an attempt to make this use case simple, by making debug logs visible in 2 clicks, without leaving the current salesforce tab.
  • Plus, you get a better hierarchical view of debug logs, which are better to analyse. More features, like Execute Anonymous, Code Coverage, Test Cases are in pipe, will be released soon.

Get it now


Open Source Contributions.

Salesforce Lookup Rollup Summaries

This library contains one single class called "LREngine" i.e. "L"ookup "R"ollup Engine, which:

  • Performs rollup on multiple such fields in a single aggregate soql query.
  • Allows easy addition/removal of new fields to rollup as requirement changes over the span of time.
  • Developer needs to write only a single trigger for multiple rollup fields.
  • Allows developer to filter the child records getting rolled up, just like standard rollup summary fields.

Explore on Github.com Related Article in Salesforce Tech Library


Apex wrapper on Apex DOM classes(Document, XmlNode). It exposes W3C DOM API for XML manipulation, which is pretty popular and known to most developers, so saves development time and cost on integration projects. It's pretty popular, and featured in Mar'10 Salesforce developer newsletter as well.

View on Google Code


It's an SOAP + Java + Salesforce integration framework to support transparent retrying of recoverable exceptions rather failing hard, and caching of session ids to save API calls. 
It's pretty popular lib for SOAP based integrations. It's is featured in Salesforce developer blog and book called Salesforce Handbook by Force.com MVPs Wes Nolte and Jeff Douglas.

View on Google Code


This is an Apex based lib from Salesforce team for enforcing security, especially in AppExchange apps. We contributed to some key enhancements in this lib, and actively advocate using for security compliance in AppExchange apps.

View on Google Code

Concretio TV.

Cherry picked videos from our team.


A prototype which adds a layer of finger print security on top of sensitive business data in Salesforce (more...)


A simple mobile prototype for Sales guy, we want him to be alerted when he is near a Salesforce Account. This app shows, how to use Salesforce Auto (more...)


Live demo and walk thru of slides with code for my Dreamforce 2015 session about "Angular-ifying your Visualforce pages" Github (more...)


This video gives a quick peek of chrome extension for viewing Salesforce debug logs. Its using this open source log indentor for the same : (more...)


We are coming up with a chatter framework to support slack style integrations based on /giphy and others. This video shows a POC done for GIPHY (more...)


This app is #ConcretioLabs product, where we tried to come up with an easy way to log calls with audio recordings of conversation directly into (more...)


This video gives overview of how concret.io is using Trailhead to learn Salesforce, and train new hires. We use teamwork.com to create task (more...)


This app lets visitors checkin, and checkout, so its meant for reception staff to quickly do this activity. Once a user is checked in we send a SMS (more...)


In Part 1 (https://youtu.be/1H2MMwNv-8Y) of this series, we explored how to use various IDEs like Mavens Mate, Aside, and Welkin's Suite for Single (more...)

Tech Blog.

Nov 26, 2018

RTL Language Support Lightning

Salesforce classic supports RTL(Right To Left) quite well, but in LEX(Lightning Experience), it's not supported yet. Following screenshot from Salesforce help article clearly indicates the same. I am sure it should be coming soon, as many are asking for the same on IdeaExchange: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A000000E2wWQAS Update: Salesforce came up with Beta for RTL support in Lightning, more details on this article: https://sforce.co/2FJQ2kw    more...

Nov 22, 2018

Salesforce Thanksgiving Stickers for WhatsApp & iMessage

Thanksgiving is a good time of year, with a sense of thankfulness, getting together and celebrations. Thanksgiving for me is an expression of gratitude, not only on the personal side but on professional as well (I started in Salesforce a decade back, in Q4 2008 only). Salesforce did wonders and transformed careers of so many of us, every now and when its quite easy to run into a success story of someone not only very technical but from diverse backgrounds, education and work history. There is always a sense of giving back and help each other, and vibe around the same is quite strong as well. Again, there are many heartwarming stories of people inspiring, helping and making so many others successful. To express gratitude and celebrate this warmth, and giving back. Team Concretio decided to come up with WhatsApp and iMessage stickers based on popular Salesforce characters like Astro, Codey, Einstein, and Appy. We felt it will be a great expression of gratitude for all Salesforce Ohana around the world to express the same using special Thanksgiving stickers based on these Salesforce chars. Crossposted from LinkedIn here, kindly continue reading rest of the post here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/salesforce-thanksgiving-stickers-whatsapp-imessage-abhinv-gupta/   more...

Oct 9, 2017

IndiaDreamin Presentation - "Seamless Deployment Techniques"

At India Dreamin 2017, Pawan Tyagi from our team got an opportunity to speak about seamless deployment techniques, which he learnt by implementing in my projects. His goal was to share my findings, about the autonomous deployment techniques, which would be reducing manual efforts of the team regarding code review, code conflict and deployment.   more...

Oct 4, 2017

IndiaDreamin Presentation - "Building a layoff-proof career"

At India Dreamin 2017, I got an opportunity to speak about a state of things, which were making news for quite some time in Indian IT. My goal was to share, what I learnt from past few recessions, rapidly changing technology, and watching layoffs of experienced professionals.   more...

Company News.

May 13, 2019

How Marketing Cloud Can Help You Decode Customer Behaviour?

Like most medium and large businesses, you've no doubt heard all the talk about salesforce marketing cloud. You've probably even considered looking into it yourself and taking the leap to use this platform to help you get into the big leagues. However, if you're still unsure about the advantages of using Salesforce marketing cloud, let's help you decode exactly how this platform can help you crack the enigma around consumer behavior.Get A Front-Row-Seat To Your Customer’s JourneyMost average businesses don’t give a client's journey the attention that it’s due. But that's not who you want to be. Take a look at the most successful companies, and you'll see that they focus on understanding the journey of their customers with their brand. With Salesforce marketing cloud's journey builder module, you can make this journey meaningful and beneficial for your clients and consumers by gaining insights that help you map your clients’ journeys from start to finish.Use Collated Data In Ways You Never Imagined PossibleThere are many ways to capture and collate consumer-related data. But our salesforce marketing cloud platform goes a few steps further and makes this data actionable. After all, what's data worth if you cannot use it to grow your business? With the data collected, your marketing department can identify where your customers are on their journey, detect their interests, and gently nudge them on to the next step by recognizing certain triggers.  Listen to What Your Customers Are Not SayingCRM is a useful tool, there's no doubt about that. On its own, it can help you hear what your customers are saying. However, when paired with Salesforce marketing cloud, CRM can help you listen to what your consumers are not saying. And therein lies the secret to understanding your clients. Get on this platform if you're interested in taking your CRM from being simply good to absolutely great. With this platform, we can help you comprehend what your customers’ actions mean, and based on this insight, we’ll help you plan your marketing strategies.Enjoy Greater Control Over How You Shape Your Customers’ ExperiencesThe age of one-size-fits-all is passé. Concretio's team can help you use this cloud platform to focus on tailoring your customers’ experiences according to their individual preferences and habits. For instance, a customer who is always on the lookout for deals and discounts will receive emails or notifications about your latest offer. And a customer who is looking for a certain kind of product will be notified if it’s in stock or on sale.  Best of All: Improve Customer Satisfaction With Very Little EffortBy employing various channels like email, mobile phones, the web, social media, and other marketing strategies, you can assess the level of satisfaction among your client base. With the comprehensive solutions offered by Salesforce marketing cloud, you can understand how satisfied (or otherwise) your customers are. And armed with this information, you can work toward improving their experience and boost their satisfaction with your products and services.ConclusionSalesforce marketing cloud, as you know, is a small solution that offers massive levels of marketing success. As a recent report suggests, 73% of top rated marketers worldwide believe that Salesforce customer journey strategy has contributed to their overall customer satisfaction, and 72% of the biggest marketing firms are likely to increase their expenditure on marketing tools like Salesforce by 2021.In a climate that's increasingly leaning toward salesforce marketing cloud as the ideal CRM solution, you don't want to be left behind. Concrete's team is always available to answer your queries. Give us a call or write to us, and we'll gladly help you transform the way you market your business.   more...

Sep 12, 2016

Partnership Announcement - Cloud Consulting Group

Teams from Cloud Consulting Group GmbH and Concretio Apps were working closely on multiple Salesforce projects. We successfully delivered many complex Salesforce implementations together. We made a joint decision to invest more into this relationship, and take it to next level, by forming a strategic partnership. We are very optimistic about Salesforce's outlook in DACH region(Germany , Austria and Switzerland) and plan to operate more closely, to deliver bigger value to this vibrant Salesforce market. The partnership aims to pool the expertise and resources to implement projects on the Salesforce Force.com platform with high quality and speed.   more...

Sep 1, 2016

"Game Of Thrones" character near my workstation ?

We at Concretio Apps are approaching our second anniversary in September 2016. Me and my leads never wanted awards labeled with "Best Employee...", "Best Performer...", which are mostly driven by management and its always unfair with rest of the team to award a single employee. Company is not a single employee show, its sweat and blood of every team member.   more...

Jul 21, 2016

Midwest Dreamin' Day 1 - Quick Overview

Today is the opening day for Midwest Dreamin', I'm sure you must be having an agenda to make most out of this event. Here is quick overview of day 1, and how to make most out of it.   more...

Solid Team.



Salesforce Architect & Force.com MVP
3x Certified



Head of HR & Operations



Salesforce Practice Head, Jaipur 
2x Salesforce Certified

Work with us ?

If you are passionate about programming and excited about Salesforce.com, please send your cv to hr@concret.io





Concretio Apps is a trusted Salesforce partner in two tiers i.e.

  1. PDO (Product Development Partner): We work closely with entrepreneurs, and transform their ideas as live apps on AppExchange. We know how challenges of AppExchange development, i.e.
    • App should work across multiple Salesforce editions.
    • App should be very secure to comply with Salesforce's security review guidelines.
    • Multi developer & multi org strategy, to make sure app could be developed on time via multiple developers, without stepping on each others toes. This includes using code versioning and continuous integration tools like GIT, CircleCI/Jenkins.
    • Making most out of trailforce, LMA(License Management) and release process.
  2. ISV Partner: We listed 2 of our own Apps and 1 Aura component on AppExchange Component Marketplace.

Cloud Consulting Group GmbH


Concretio Apps is having a strategic partnership with Cloud Consulting Group in DACH region. The aim of this partnership is to create a strong cross border pool of knowledgable experts, and resources to implement Salesforce.com projects with high quality and speed. Both companies rely on their respective strengths and combine them profitably for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Concretio was founded in 2013 by Abhinav Gupta (8 times Salesforce MVP), with a motive to build a team of passionate individuals, who want to develop high quality solutions, and enjoy challenges posed by rapidly changing technology.

Core Values

  • Hiring slowly, but good developers only. We start our 1st round with a coding assignment, which is followed by other “Live coding” sessions to eliminate any possibilities of hiring an underperformer.
  • To stay updated with rapidly changing technologies and programming methodologies, we do internal trainings and use paid subscriptions from popular online learning portals like udemy.com, EggHead.io, and PluralSight.com, etc.
  • We try best to give proper work-life balance to employees, not only for employee’s personal well being, but also it reflects back in the quality of work as well. For the same reason,
    • We work 5 days a week and stretch once in a blue moon on weekends when urgent.
    • We never bill our employees on more than one full-time projects to ensure 100% focus on one project only, and thus ends up in high-quality deliverables.
    • We offer work from home to employees and they are given freedom to set their work timings as per the client’s time zone.
  • We don’t change resources billed in ongoing projects, without letting the client know. For any reason, if a resource can’t be billed any further on a project, we give at least one month notice to the client, and offer him alternate resources to pick and interview for knowledge transfer and continuity.
  • With Concretio, the resource getting billed is the one who is actually working on the project.


Gurgaon Office

Jaipur Office


  Gurgaon Office:   229-230, Vipul Trade Center, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

  Jaipur Office:   A-2 (First Floor), Calgiri Road, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur - 302017 (Opposite Calgary Eye Hospital)

    +1(415) 234-0697 (9 AM - 10 PM IST)


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