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Winter'20 Release Top 10 Favorites

Winter’20 Release – 10 Favorites from 10 Community Leaders

Salesforce Winter’20 release brings a lot of excitement and goodness. Following are 10 favorite features, as reported by 10 community enthusiasts and leaders.

Adam Kramer

Image result for adam kramerCustomize Opportunity Contact Roles for Better Tracking and Reporting” This feature has been on the wish list of every nonprofit forever. We just never thought it would actually happen. This opens up the ability for soft credits, splitting gifts between multiple people with different amounts, writing code directly on Opportunity Contact Roles, reporting, notifications, and so much more. Nonprofits have created so many workarounds for so many years that will soon become obsolete. This is huge.

Adam is 3x @Salesforce MVP, Manager Salesforce @RANDCorporation, 3x SFDC Certified, Speaker at Dreamforce.

I am really excited about the field to field filters in reports because they mirror the way users think. Users are used to thinking about “which of my opportunities were modified after the close date”, which is exactly how F2F filters function. This is a big change from the usual way filters are designed, which requires an admin to help and perhaps formula syntax to complete.

Taylor is 3x Certified Salesforce Professional, and Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Masters.

Megan Himan

Apex Triggers on Opportunity Contact RolesWinter'20 Release - 10 Favorites from 10 Community Leaders! – Bringing Opportunity Contact Roles closer to some of the other standard objects to include custom fields and triggers is huge – for both for-profit and non-profit customers. This wasn’t easy for Salesforce to deliver, and it’s a game-changer.

Megan is Salesforce MVP; CEO & Founder, BrightStep Partners

Roy Gilad

Winter'20 Release - 10 Favorites from 10 Community LeadersTwo small technical things that are making my life easy: The ability to set the Product Line Item default as “1” in the Amount, this will save a lot of workarounds that were needed in the past, especially for organizations that sell one product in each sale. Contact Roles being upgraded to 1st class object: this will give the ability to pass information to the Contact Role object from the Contact or the Opportunity and create logic around it.

Roy is a Salesforce MVP based out of Israel.

Pritam Shekhawat

Image result for pritam shekhawat1. Set Component Visibility Rules by Device – It’s the amazing feature that allows user to Show/Hide Lightning Components based upon field values. It will be great news for those who are used to mobile app, you can now set this by Desktop or Mobile. Perfect if you need to develop a different experience for each device.
2. Add Tabs and Accordion Components to Your Home Pages -Use the Accordion component to organize your components into collapsible sections. That way it can give more business information on home page for users.
3. Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience – Most awaited feature.

Salesforce Lightning Practice Lead at Dazeworks Inc | Salesforce MVP(2018) & Lightning Champion | Noida Group Leader

Where is this used? is now GA! This feature is amazing for Salesforce professionals. Being able to quickly verify where a field is referenced and what reports it is on is a game-changer. Crossing your fingers or spending too much time manually digging in an undocumented org to find this information is a thing of the past! Now you can repurpose your time on higher-value tasks (like implementing In-App Guidance or learning flow!).

Jen is Salesforce MVP, 4x Certified #Salesforce professional, @WI_SF_Saturday & @WISFDCUG Co-leader

Winter'20 Release - 10 Favorites from 10 Community LeadersPermission Set Groups, specifically their Muting Permission Set feature. Just today I discovered that a managed package had added a bunch of permissions to one of their permission sets – permissions that I didn’t want my users to have. Sure, I could clone that standard permission set, remove the extra permissions and then use my custom permission set instead – but once I’ve diverged from the standard, I then wouldn’t be able to get the benefit of future capabilities that were added to the standard one. So this new feature (now out of pilot and into beta) allows me to put the standard permission set into a permission set group, and to add a muting permission set to remove those extra permissions I don’t want. Excellent! Bonus mentions to two features which reduce the need to Say No To Flow: 1) Starting flows on a schedule, and 2) Alerting the right people when a flow error occurs.

Chris is a Salesforce MVP, Solution Architect  located in the south west of the UK.

Winter'20 Release - 10 Favorites from 10 Community LeadersAbility to schedule Flows. This is going to a game-changer for everyone because now people can able to handle many automation scenarios which previously required Apex

Rakesh is Author | 6x Salesforce MVP | Salesforce Architect | Salesforce Coach.

Connect to Your Customers With WhatsApp & WeChatWinter'20 Release - 10 Favorites from 10 Community Leaders (Pilot) The reason is this feature is the most demanding feature I got in the past 6-12 months.

Chamil is Salesforce MVP | 2X SF Author | 4X Salesforce Certified | Sri Lanka Salesforce DUG Leader.

Gorav Seth

Lookups in flow. It’s a game-changer for flow. Creating contacts, creating opps, etc. You need lookups!

Gaurav is a Salesforce MVP, and Salesforce Platform Manager at Ashoka.

Abhinav Gupta

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