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The Most Exciting Salesforce Winter ‘22 Features

The Salesforce Winter ’22 release notes are finally here! The release notes went live on August 18 and the sandbox preview began on August 27th. We have gone through each of the release notes and now here we are with a list of our favorite top 9 categories.

Einstein Search

Salesforce provides many free AI-driven features to use, one of them is Einstein Search. All of your favorite features of Einstein Search will still be enabled by default and the good news about it is – nobody has to spend extra on it. Users will get a smarter search without sacrificing the search features they rely on. Three main features of Einstein Search are:

  • Personalization offers apt search results as per the user’s activity.
  • With NSL support, users will be empowered to search for info more efficiently. They can type common phrases in their queries to filter their search results.
  • Actionable UI enables users to execute tasks (Logging a case/Creating Account) from the search box.

Flow Updates

Salesforce added lots of brand-new flow updates to their flow builder resources.  The following are a few of the new flow updates:

Dynamic Interactions

Developers can now create more dynamic and performant Lightning Components that dynamically react to user activity on another component with Dynamic Interactions. In the example below, clicking on a new customer will change the display to show you the exact location and relevant data.

Lightning Page Performance

To boost the speed of the organizations, Salesforce has focused a lot on empowering the Admins over the past year. Admins can practice the “Analyze Button” on lightning pages to view the predicted load times and can provide other instructions on improving it.

Here are a few new features that you should know about:

You will now be able to see org-specific metrics including your users’ network latency, browser speed, and several cores – giving you clarity on proper speed load.

While building a page in Lightning App Builder, the performance analysis will run automatically, giving suggestions if your performance is bad or average.

Salesforce provides a more detailed analysis for those who are using custom Lightning Components. This includes instructions if your component contains External CSS and non-minified Javascript etc.

Email Template Builder Updates

In the past releases, the addition of these new crucial updates to the Email Template Builder has made a big difference for the Admins and users by which they can easily create nice-looking emails.

Following are some updates to the Email Template Builder:

New Home Page for Mobile Users (Generally Available)

The new “Mobile Home” feature is now available for both Android and iOS users that gives them a new home page with the capability to customize the “cards” that are displayed.

Sort Upcoming & Overdue Activities Intuitively

The “Activity” feature is an essential tool for users to get a sharp & fast overview of former communication as well as future tasks. Salesforce has given us a sorting feature before the item with the due date was used to be at the bottom of the list.

Update More Fields from the Report Run Page 

Update your reports more effectively without losing your place by clicking back and forth. Inline editing is now supported for the date, picklist, and lookup fields. When your report data gets out of date then you can edit it right on the report run page. For eg: sales reps can update opportunity statuses directly from their pipeline reports. Earlier, inline editing was supported only for text and numeric fields.

Track Forecast Categories Your Way

In Collaborative forecasting, after the four categories of Pipeline, Best Case, Commit & Closed, Salesforce has now come up with the 5th one which is named “Most Likely”, which enables you to further split out sales users’ opportunity groups.

Send List Emails your way (Pilot)

List emails are an excellent way for sales reps to send their email campaigns straight out of the Salesforce. Earlier, these emails had to be sent using Salesforce. This caused some difficulties like formatting, and the email appears to be sent through the automation rather than by the user. Now, list emails can be sent through Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, or Office 365, to ensure that emails look manually sent.

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We hope you enjoyed this summary of our favorite top 9 categories of Salesforce Winter ’22 release notes. What are you most looking forward to? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


Abhilasha Dabral

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