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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Oct’20 Release Notes

Salesforce Marketing Cloud October’20 Release Notes are live now! One of the most awaited releases and updates from the Marketing Cloud, there are a number of new features we can’t wait to try out. Here we have summarized the most important release notes for your convenience. Let’s see what’s new in it this time.

Dataroma Updates

As digital transformation has rapidly accelerated over the past year, all digital customers’ behaviors and demands are shifting dramatically. To keep up with their customer, marketers are getting creative – testing new messages and channels, engaging new audiences, and supporting new commerce models to meet their customer’s needs. 

Sandbox for Dataroma

With the Sandbox for Dataroma, we can create a safe testing environment by giving admins the facility to test configuration and data changes in an isolated development environment that is always in sync with production. With the Sandbox, marketers can seamlessly transition between the testing and deployment phases knowing they have accurate embedded data to inform strategic decisions. With these tools in place, you’ll increase productivity and marketing innovation.

Dataroma - Sandbox for Dataroma | Salesforce | Concretio

Dataroma Media Planning Center

Now Let’s talk about the new media planning center, The freshest addition from the Dataroma team. It is a package solution built to solve a slow and complicated process of media planning. With the media planning center, users can optimize their media budget allocations with advanced planning tools by using this brand new solution, you can easily input and analyze media plans in one centralized place, leverage Einstein marketing insights to identify budget optimization possibilities, and even run advanced statistical forecasts so you can make informed decisions with your investments now.

Media Planning Center | Salesforce | Concretio

Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio Triggers for Journey Builder

Interaction studio triggers for journey builders allow marketing cloud customers to create segments in real-time less than 30 milliseconds. To add to a journey these segments are based on the actions their customers or website visitors take on their website with their email or on their mobile app. The segments are activated in a journey builder to present real-time one-to-one content. Customers can collect behavioral data from web, mobile, and API integrations. You create your segment, select your journey, and you’re done. It’s that simple. 

Interaction Studio - Triggers for Journey Builder | Salesforce | Concretio

Einstein for Marketing Cloud

Engagement Scoring for Mobile Push

You may be familiar with this feature which commonly works with email. You can use Einstein engagement scoring for the mobile push to create audiences, target persona segments, split paths in journey builder, and personalize content. You can also use it to understand analytics at scale, plan re-engagement campaigns for mobile push, and get advanced predictive insights for the mobile, but the question is how do we activate this well all customers with Einstein features bundled will receive this.

Marketing Cloud Einstein - Einstein Engagement Scoring for Mobile Push | Salesforce | Concretio

Einstein Engagement Frequency

Send the right number of messages to optimize engagement

Salesforce has a new update for Einstein engagement frequency. It predicts the optimal email send frequencies for contacts in addition to split activity analytics indicating current performance. In this release, Salesforce is launching a frequency split that uses a personalized EEF model and segments contacts in real-time based upon their engagement to maximize open rates personalization. You’ll be able to know the optimum number of email messages to send to your subscriber. You can seek opportunities to market to distinguish subscribers who got too few email messages or too many, and this assists you in maintaining a strong deliverability score. 

Marketing Cloud Einstein - Einstein Engagement frequency | Salesforce | Concretio

Einstein STO Support for Single Send Journeys

Now we’ll be going over the Einstein send time optimization feature for the marketing cloud. We know that sometimes optimization has been a hit for customers, and now it can be used for simple one-off sending use cases as well, so this also gives your customers an incentive to try out the new single send journey experience. With Einstein STO for Single Send Journeys:

  1. You’re improving open rates.
  2. You’re able to replace manual queries with the drag and drop activity to automate sending time for the best time for each contact.
  3. And, you can get integrated analytics for each journey within the journeys analytics dashboard automatically.
Marketing Cloud Einstein - Einstein STO Support for Single Send Journeys | Salesforce | Concretio

Einstein STO Data quality scores

So next, we have Einstein Send Time Optimization data quality scores. How do you understand if the quality of your data is appropriate for Einstein STO? It is a simple data quality indicator that helps you understand what Einstein thinks about your data. It will give a simple one to five ratings of your data with drill-downs and in-depth breakdowns, Plus, Einstein will display the level of engagement your emails generate. 

Marketing Cloud Einstein - Einstein STO Data Quality Scores | Salesforce | Concretio

Advertising Studio

Linkedin company matching allows B2B marketers to target and tailor their advertising using company-specific identifiers like company name, company website domain, or company email domain. Advertising studio customers can push these company lists to Linkedin layering in additional targetings like job function or seniority.

Advertising Studio - LinkedIn Account Matching | Salesforce | Concretio

New Pardot Email Experience

With the Winter’21 release, Salesforce has launched a brand new email experience for pardot customers developed on the Salesforce platform. As part of this experience, Salesforce is simplifying email content creation with a new drag and drop email builder, which provides a streamlined send flow that gives us deeper insights into how well our email marketing assets are resonating with our customers.

New Pardot Email Experience | Salesforce | Concretio

Customer 360 Audiences

Customer 360 Audiences is a broad customer data platform that lets marketers to Ingest and consolidate data, Segment and Enrich audiences, and eventually activate any engagement program. 

Customer 360 Audiences - Realtime Customer Data Management that drives engagement | Salesforce | Concretio

General Marketing Cloud & Social Studio

Marketing Cloud Setup

Now, we’re going to talk about General Marketing Cloud & Social Studio updates, So Marketing Cloud continues to get easier to set up starting from November 16th, 2020. You can request to secure custom domains directly within the Marketing Cloud setup that will allow you to secure your customer domains directly in the Marketing Cloud with just a few clicks. You can control who had permission to make changes and see up to date status updates in the custom domains interface. 

Marketing Cloud Setup - Self-Service SSL certificates for custom domains | Salesforce | Concretio

Facebook Extended

Next, we’re going to go over a few exciting new Social Studio features first being Facebook extended response Time. If you’re relying on Facebook as a service channel, you may be aware that some of the recent changes that took place in messenger a few months ago Facebook introduced a 24-hour window for organizations to reply to any new messages received on Messenger. You can now extend this 24-hour response window to seven days using Social Studio. This extended response time window gives marketing teams extra flexibility for replying to customer questions.

Social Studio - Facebook Extended Response Time | Salesforce | Concretio

LinkedIn Enhancements

Salesforce has also added some additional Linkedin publishing functionality in the latest release. First of all, They’ve added additional regional targeting options for the Linkedin post. This gives you access to a range of targeting options that Linkedin has added recently, so you can take full advantage of the greater precision offered by the regional audience options. Salesforce has also added some important accessibility features for Linkedin. You can now add alt text to your images in your LinkedIn post, improving the experience for anyone using screen reader technology.

Social Studio - LinkedIn Enhancements | Salesforce | Concretio

Interaction Studio

Now, let’s talk about Interaction Studio. It is a web-scale personalization system that is a feature of the Marketing Cloud. Interaction Studio is for listening to signals from all sorts of locations, scraping stuff from websites, supporting API integrations, It leverages all of the information to build out personalized experiences, which means customers can have engaging and personalized experiences, and it does this through business rules like segments. It does through collaborative filtering and the ability to create Einstein recipes that create your own collaborating, filtering models, and then also contextual bandit, which allow you to prioritize different promotions leveraging multi armed contextual bandit machine version. 

Interaction Studio - Triggers for Journey Builder | Salesforce | Concretio

The January’21 release for Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be rolled out between Jan 30th through Feb 6th, 2021. For more information, go to the full release notes on the Salesforce website here. In the meantime, you can ask any query regarding this topic in the comment box down below, We’re always happy to assist with any other questions you might have! 


Abhilasha Dabral

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