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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Jan’21 Release Notes | Mobile, and Customer 360 Audiences


First, we want to give some details about Salesforce’s recent improvement in delivery receipts transactional API so with the January release salesforce marketing cloud has made a significant investment in the ability to facilitate and report on high volume transactional SMS use cases. The transactional API for SMS now supports three new event classes as well as a rework to the existing send, not send events webhook payload. 

Formally webhooks reporting only supports send and not send events from the marketing cloud and now with the most recent release salesforce supports the following events for the SMS send deployed from the transactional API send events, SMS send, transactional send events, SMS transients, SMS bonds, SMS delivered are Salesforce’s new event classes the benefit of these new event classes are that customers no longer need to make individual API calls to retrieve delivery statuses now with these bad hooks marketing cloud can push delivery statuses directly to the customer endpoints.

Customer 360 Audiences

Customer 360 audiences is Salesforce’s newest marketing cloud product it became generally available this October’20. It is Salesforce’s customer data platform and it enables marketers to capture, unify segments and activate all their customer data across every touchpoint. 

Salesforce’s first exciting new feature is calculated insights marketers can now enrich customer profiles with data they define and calculate like lifetime value scores along with dimensions like purchase date or product category. These calculated insights can then be used to build even more powerful segments activated to drive better personalization and be surfaced via Salesforce’s real-time profile API. 

To really know their customers, marketers need to understand how they are interacting with their brand across multiple channels and Salesforce’s new web tag and mobile SDK allows customers to capture digital data from owned web properties and mobile apps using behavioral data to enrich the individual profile, marketers can track a customer from unknown to known once an identity event is triggered to unify that information such as an app login. Marketers can collect mobile app behavior using the new mobile SDK and then unify in segmentation using advertiser ID, for example, we want to segment on customers who browse my site often for a product and then activate back to the marketing cloud with those known users. The web tag and mobile SDK also support a flexible schema and this is going to give our customers ways to implement the SDK that is most suitable for their business needs. 

Salesforce’s next feature is going to allow marketers to hit the ground running with the new salesforce loyalty cloud seamless integration. This feature provides marketers pre-built loyalty cloud data bundles and data mappings allowing you to deliver differentiated programs driving member engagement at personalized experiences for example ingest loyalty points data and then use calculated insights to group high medium and low loyalty point numbers to power personalized messaging to these tiers in addition to the pre-built loyalty data, you can also add custom salesforce objects to reflect any additional loyalty data you may have gathered about your members.

And finally with two new APIs marketers will have the ability to surface data from customer 360 audience for personalization, analytics and BI use cases in any channel or system, inside or outside of the Salesforce. First, the real-time unified profile API allows you to create a 360-degree view of each customer by retrieving profile data. Use this feature to build out a complete customer 360 profile page by retrieving the profile information along with some calculated insights about purchase behavior for example a customer profile page including calculated insights like lifetime value or total sales quantity in the last six months could be created enabling a service agent to better know the customer they are helping.

And with the data query API, marketers can query and extract any data from aggregated profile behavioral and calculated insights data for example you could pull aggregated profiles of customers who spent over 100 hours in-store in the last month, have a high lifetime value score, and have engaged with your website or mobile app and then use Tableau to better understand the correlations in that data before creating audiences in customer 360 audience. 

The April’21 release for Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be rolled out between April 10th through April 17th, 2021. For more information, go to the full release notes on the Salesforce website here. In the meantime, you can ask any query regarding this topic in the comment box down below, We’re always happy to assist with any other questions you might have! 


Abhilasha Dabral

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