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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Jan’21 Release Notes | Journey Builder, Email & Journeys and Datoroma

Journey Builder

Enhanced Contact Error Details

Finally a great enhancement to journey builders. This release is part of the natural evolution of a feature Salesforce released earlier. Viewer contact path. Not only can you view the path of a specific contact in a journey, but you can also now troubleshoot individual context even more easily by seeing the specific errors that may have caused contact prematurely to exit. Let’s say you tried to add invalid texturing. For example, you will now receive more guidance to assist in troubleshooting and with that, we will turn it over email & journeys and dataroma.

Email & Journeys and Datoroma

We’re going over 5 awesome new features from Datorama. It is a brand new supercharge analytics experience available for email and journeys and is powered by Datoroma. Dataroma reports from the marketing cloud are a new and easy way to generate views and share a detailed analysis of email and journey data so that you can optimize your performance and increase engagement with your customers. Leveraging marketing intelligence from Datorama, which is the analytics layer marketing cloud, you can automatically integrate and map your granular messaging data and additionally repair it for analysis via out-of-the-box dashboards, scheduled reports, and pivot tables to explore your data. Best of all you can access this feature directly from your marketing cloud instance for an embedded seamless analytics experience. So, in terms of access, all corporate and enterprise marketing cloud customers are eligible for Datorama reports as well as Pro customers that have the ‘discover’ add-on enabled in their accounts.

The April’21 release for Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be rolled out between April 10th through April 17th, 2021. For more information, go to the full release notes on the Salesforce website here. In the meantime, you can ask any query regarding this topic in the comment box down below, We’re always happy to assist with any other questions you might have! 


Abhilasha Dabral

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