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Salesforce DevOps Center - What we know so far | Concretio

Salesforce DevOps Center: What do we know so far…

Salesforce is talking about ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Tools for quite some time. DevOps Center announcement at TDX20 was amazing, seems something powerful and handy will be available soon, which will simplify the whole ALM chaos. If you are still wondering about ALM, please complete this trail. This post is our attempt to share whatever we can research and find around DevOps Center.

What is it?

As Salesforce claims, its a modern ALM (release and change management) for everyone, anywhere. Which will on a high level solve 3 pain points i.e.

  1. Tracking changes with a modern, and familiar Lightning(SLDS based) interface.
  2. VCS(Version Control System) is on forefront now, and is must have and deeply integrated in DevOps Center. Seems like ultimate source of truth.
  3. Deployments based on #2 i.e. the one and only source of truth the VCS.

Work Items

Work Items is DevOps Center’s lingo for Tickets, Tasks. It means a task related to either click or code based metadata changes. As shown in picture below.

Work Items > ID, Subject, Status, Date Created
DevOps Center – List of Work Items (Image Credits: Salesforce.com)

Following picture shows the Work item in more details, where the red boxed highlights indicate various important features like

  • Connected Sandbox where the metadata changes will be done for the Work Item.
  • A GIT feature branch created for the given Work Item, where metadata changes will be committed and a pull request will be raised from the master. This is all done via Salesforce UI, without any complex CLI commands, or any other tooling required to be installed on your machine.
  • A “Pull Changes” button which is capable of pulling all changed metadata from Sandbox, and pushed into a GIT commit.
  • Ability to launch connected Sandbox via the one-click button “Launch Dev Environment”
  • A progress/standard PATH component, which shows how a work item progresses.
Work Item > Add DaysOnMarket component to property Explorer page | Launch Dev Environment
Work Item DevOps Center – Work Item Detail page (Image Credits: Salesforce.com)

Working with Work Items

After doing required code/metadata changes as requirements described in Work Item, hitting “Pull Changes” brings back what’s the changed metadata, and one can decide to ignore irrelevant metadata (picture below). Hit “Ignore” link to avoid irrelevant metadata, and hit “Submit Changes” button to generate a pull request.

Subject | Description Changes | Source
DevOps Center – Pull Changes from Dev Env (Image Credits: Salesforce.com)

Finally, a designated reviewer as per company’s release protocols can review the pull requests generated by DevOps Center via Github.com (pic below)

Add DaysOnMarket component to property Explorer page #1
DevOps Center – Git Pull Request and Merge Flow (Image Credits: Salesforce.com)

Finally, deploy using SFDX force:source:deploy command, after pulling the changes via GIT repo (pic below).


  • Announced in June during TrailheaDX’2020
  • Limited participant Developer Preview release in Sept 2020, followed by Pilot and Beta releases. 
  • GA release in the mid-2021 timeframe. 

Key points / FAQs

  • DevOps Center will be delivered as a Managed Package
    • Will be installed into a production DevHub org. 
    • Can then be connected to any Sandboxes, Scratch Orgs, and Production Orgs.
  • Pricing: A free and paid offering. Pricing and packaging are TBD from the Salesforce side. Hope it’s not coming up with a price tag to disappoint us all 🙁  
  • Not a replacement of Changesets, they are not going anywhere.
  • Supports Github.com as of now, will support Bitbucket, Gitlab, and others soon.
  • VCS(Version Control System) is a must.
  • Will/Possibly integrate with 3rd party CI/CD tools, like TravisCI, CircleCI, Jenkins, etc.
  • Will provide integrations to JIRA or Agile Accelerator, others.
  • Only works in LEX (Excuse me SF Classic).
  • Scratch Orgs?
    • More focus on Sandbox based development in the initial release
    • Scratch orgs are supported, but the package based model, i.e. unlocked packages, etc will come later.


Abhinav Gupta

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