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Overview of Every B2C Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product

Imagine a world where anything is possible. It’s not just marketing that can deliver incredible results; it’s data, and it’s unified with the tools you already use to create more personalized customer experiences in real-time, at scale. 

In this blog, we’ll be talking about every product in the B2C Marketing Cloud. We’ll cover how each product can help you reach your customers more effectively and explore some of their key features. Let’s start with Journey Builder:

Journey Builder

If you want to create a personalized experience for your customers, then Salesforce has the solution – Journey Builder. You can use this tool to design interactive journeys that touch on every aspect of your company and help in giving the customers an exceptional personalized experience.

This platform eases the process of engaging with customers by providing you a way to communicate through whatever channel they prefer such as email, mobile, advertising, and through your website.

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Email Studio

Salesforce has all of your email marketing needs covered with the Email Studio. Now, thanks to this powerful and flexible email-building capability, you can build beautifully branded messages that get them engaged right away. A robust email service, With all of the features by which you can craft and personalize the perfect message/content for the customers, customizable elements, scripting languages, or tailored real-time content. Nothing’s more satisfying than really getting your customer on board.

Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio was designed to be easier and more enjoyable than ever before, and the creation of content is focused on the mobile audience. It has customizable elements to create messages that can be delivered via SMS, MMS, and Push messages. This is a tool made by professionals for professionals who know what they’re doing!

Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing Pricing

Personalize and automate email, mobile, and web journeys for every customer at scale.

Email, Web, and Mobile EditionDetailsPricing
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Personalized promotional email marketingStarting at $ 400 org/USD/month* (billed annually)
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Personalized marketing automation with email solutionsStarting at $ 1,250 org/USD/month* (billed annually)
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Personalized cross-channel strategic marketing solutionsStarting at $ 3,750 org/USD/month* (billed annually)
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Sophisticated journeys across channels, brands, and geographies
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Priced based on contact and message volume

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Customer 360 Audiences

Meet Customer 360 Audiences: the one product for reclaiming your data. You want to do more than just tagline and target your customers? So does Salesforce. With Customer 360, you have a single view of all of your customer data with access to segmented lists that can be sliced and diced in any way you want, even if those audiences are in high volume.

It helps you do more with less. and enables you to bring in data from any source, to assure that you build the exact audience section you want to target. Guaranteeing you approach the right person at the right time. With Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences it’s never a guessing game again.

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Advertising Studio

As your customers live their lives on their mobile phones, you need to reach them there. But what if it’s not just emails and messages? The best way to connect with them is on social media channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube.

With Advertising Studio you can use Journey Builder to include these channels into your marketing campaigns, and connect more with the audiences by designing engaging campaigns that stick with them.

Advertising Studio Pricing

Leverage your customer data and manage your advertising at scale.

Advertising Studio EditionDetailsPricing
Contact Here
Power audiences across digital advertising with CRMStarting at $ 2,000 USD/month (billed annually)

Visit here for more pricing details

Interaction Studio

Have you ever visited a website and that site knew exactly what you wanted before even asking? Interaction Studio provides the ability to personalize your web content based on the actions customers are performing on your website! Powered by artificial intelligence, all it takes is one visit for Interaction Studio to present responsive marketing messages to the customer. Isn’t it amazing?!

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Social Studio

Social Studio is for connecting all your social media accounts in one place so you can finally stop juggling from feed to feed. It has 3 main functions which are as follows:

  • Publish – Let’s generate social content, and transfer it to a master schedule that unites all your channels.
  • Engage – Lets you engage with the followers, answer questions and react to feedback.
  • Analyze – This lets you Powerfully monitor and enable you to examine the results of your social impact, including customer interactions, and social media to analyze your brand impact.

Social Studio Pricing

Listen, engage, and publish using a powerful all-in-one social media marketing and management suite — and connect enriched social data to your marketing with sales and service.

Social Studio EditionDetailsPricing
Contact Here
Start your social marketing journey with listening and engagement.$ 1,000 org/USD/month (billed annually)
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Listen, publish, and engage across social networks.$ 4,000 org/USD/month (billed annually)
Contact Here
Social marketing and social customer service for companies with multiple brands or products.$ 12,000 org/USD/month (billed annually)
Contact Here
Maximize results at scale across teams, brands, and geographies.$ 40,000 org/USD/month (billed annually)

Visit here for more pricing details

Loyalty Management

Don’t just earn points, make every day more rewarding with Salesforce’s loyalty management. The platform empowers companies to mount loyalty programs at scale, practicing clicks not code. You can build various programs including tiered memberships, or points per purchase. Loyalty Management can be configured to work with Experience Cloud for customer sign-up, and Marketing Cloud for sending content.

Loyalty Management Pricing

Easily build, deploy, track, and manage your customer loyalty program across teams, organisations, and partners.

Loyalty Management EditionDetailsPricing
B2B — Loyalty
Contact Here
Incentivize channel partners and distributors with a B2B loyalty program.$ 30,000 USD/org/month* (billed annually)
B2C — Loyalty
Contact Here
Launch and manage more dynamic and personalized B2C loyalty experiences.$ 35,000 USD/org/month* (billed annually)
B2C — Loyalty Plus
Contact Here
Run multiple loyalty programs on a single platform.$ 45,000 USD/org/month* (billed annually)

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We hope you find this post interesting and love to hear what you think please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Abhilasha Dabral

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