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Marketing Cloud Release Notes | Journey Builder

Now, let’s take some time to talk about some great updates with Journey builder. Early last year Salesforce marketing cloud introduced a new transactional messaging API service for email. This service enabled the customers to send mission-critical notifications with extremely low latency and real-time feedback. The service was released as a pure API experience focused on rapid enablement for Martech and IT developers. 

Journey Builder: Features

Simplify your process: Starting this release marketers can take full control of the transactional API Service with transactional send journeys. Now you get all the core benefits of journey builder to expedite your transactional campaigns from creation to engagement performance.

Gain insights: Transactional send journey also provides a new real-time metrics overview of your transactional journeys through the transactional dashboard. If you’re an existing transactional API user. Bringing your operational campaigns to the journey builder is straightforward for your development team. 

Unify your workspace: A single update API request will serve as your campaign on the journey campus. Now with transactional send, single send in multi-step journeys you can offer an exceptional customer experience. Use data to personalize content and have much better insights into your overall marketing program. 

Let’s take a quick look at how this looks:

So, here in the following image, you can see a very familiar view for an activated transactional send journey that we know from the other journey builder email activities, so we have email analytics like we expect to see everywhere else. 

Journey Builder > Dashboard > Email Analytics

In the entry event here we have the event definition key and this is what you’re going to need to hand off to your IT or developer teams. which they will use in order to reference this transactional journey in order to send messages, 

Journey Builder > Dashboard > Transactional API Event

Additionally, if we come back to the dashboard we can see all of the different journeys, including the new transactional journey type but we also have a special view here that is just a transactional journey. 

Journey Builder > Dashboard > All Journeys

and here we can see in real time the amount of data that is being sent to a transactional journey within a 24 hour period. And we can also see how many are not being sent. 

Journey Builder > Dashboard > Transactional Journey

How to get started with this? Just go to the create new journey 

Journey Builder > Dashboard > New Journey

and select transactional send journeys for emails to get started. 

Journey Builder > Dashboard > Transactional API Event

Journey Builder: Single Send Journeys for SMS

Consistent user experience: Single send journeys bring that one-time batch sends into visuals, Easy to use a unified workspace in journey builder for an email, and push notifications. With this release, single send journeys are available for SMS.

A unified view of campaigns: It provides a centralized view across campaigns, regardless of the message type. Users don’t have to navigate across multiple apps to manage these sends.

An easy starting point for journeys: All the multi and omnichannel campaigns can now be managed with the same workflow efficiencies and navigation, helping drive more consistent branding for the customers. And because of this, it is easy to take the campaigns to the next level with more intelligent multi-step journeys that are within reach like never before.

Show Contact Path

Increase more visibility: Ok, we are really excited about this one too. what’s happening with contacts in journeys. Now we can search for a specific individual in a journey by contact key and view the path they traverse. If that individual has entered your journey multiple times within the last 30 days, you’ll have the option to specify which instance you want to see. you’ll be able to see if the contact is still a lot active in the journey and at which step if they’ve completed the journey or if they exited the journey early and where that occurs. 

Improve resolution management and take action: We now have the power to also take action once locating the contact. Optionally remove them immediately. This should make troubleshooting and customer resolution a bit more self-service for us. To access this functionality just open the health panel of any running or stop journey. Do you know that this is available even in our existing journeys? It supports searching for context we have entered following this release. 

Behavioral Triggers

Engage when it matters most: As it is well known how important it is to meet customers where they are, and engage with them in the moments that really matter so this is the reason Salesforce has continued to evolve its behavioral triggered messaging. 

Best practice abandonment journeys: In this release, Salesforce has launched 2 new features to support the creation and send close for abandoned carts, abandoned browsers, and abandoned wishlist messages. With the goal of recovering lost revenue and re-engaging with those who may be missing out. We can now manage message timing and frequency across multiple touchpoints.

Easy personalization: With this, we have got increased ease in configuring our abandonment messages associated with Einstein recommendations in line with best practices and easily adding the products customers are most interested in our email messages. 

Let’s take a look at this as well. 

So, here you can find behavioral triggers under journey builder. 

Behavioral Triggers > Dashboard > Status

In the menu there are three different types of triggers which are abandoned cart, abandoned browse, an abandoned wish list. 

Behavioral Triggers > Dashboard > Set Up a Behavioral Trigger

As you create new triggers, you can select which one you want to add and the items within them that you want to configure around, specifically the suppression. so, you want to ensure that you’re reaching your customers at the right time without overwhelming them so you can choose to not send to customers who have abandoned the cart within a certain period of days and don’t send to customers who purchase again within a certain period of days. 

Behavioral Triggers > Dashboard > Set Up a Behavioral Trigger > Configure Suppression Rules

And for each of these triggers, you can monitor the amount of times that the triggers have occured, The amount of times that customers have engaged and the number of suppressions that have occured based on rules which have been set.

Behavioral Triggers > Details View > Abandoned Cart Trigger

In addition, In content builder there’s a new block or behavioral triggers so, if we bring this in to our content builder, we have some great configurations for this, including the maximum numbers of products that we want to show. 

Content Builder > Edit Email > Content

And the ability to see in real time as this preview changes what that’s going to look like. And if you need to modify it slightly, we can adjust the number of columns. And we can also adjust what type of data is being displayed along with these recommended items.

Content Builder > Edit Email > Content > Number of Products

So, That’s all about Journey Builder updates. Below you can have more info about the other exciting releases.

Check out some additional Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release Notes here:


Abhilasha Dabral

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