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Marketing Cloud Release Notes | Distributed Marketing

As we all know how Salesforce Distributed Marketing makes it effortless for brands to provide smooth experience over corporate marketing and partner networks. Let’s have a look at the latest release notes regarding Distributed Marketing.

Distributed Marketing: Send Scheduling Enhancements

Distributed Marketing - Feature - Send Scheduling Enhancements

Schedule campaign sends: In the previous release, Salesforce introduced the first wave of the send scheduling for the quick send workflows, which as a reminder allows users to send single one-off email or text messages to individuals or groups of individuals. 

In this release for expanding the workflows that support scheduling. so, now both bulk and segment have campaigned, they can be scheduled as long as manual approvals are not enabled and all quick send messages can be scheduled, including those with manual approval enabled. so, If the message isn’t approved before the scheduled date and time then understand it is canceled. Just know that when you enable send scheduling, all distributed marketing users will have that functionality. 

Workflow enhancements

Salesforce has made some workflow enhancements across the boards. We will just plow through these. 

Distributed Marketing - Feature - Workflow Enhancements

Contextual quick send options

Users will now only see the option to select a message type if they’ve got access to assets of that type. so, for example, if your users don’t have access to SMS messages, they won’t see that option when they’re picking their quick send. It reduces the number of things on screen that users have to understand, and efficiency is really, really critical for business users.

Preview more members

All users are able to now preview for the first 100 recipients in performing a bulk quick send and one important thing to keep in mind is that with bulk send the modifications made by users applied to the entire audience.

Use CPIs with content

The additional data is now also included in previewing emails which basically means that you’re using a CPI or want to use a CPI to interact with the visuals of an email instead of just sending definition information. Those changes are going to be reflected in the preview.

Distributed marketing on the go

Distributed Marketing - Distributed Marketing on the go

Access Distributed marketing on the go

In this release, most users will experience the support of larger format mobile devices such as tablets, via a mobile experience. These mobile experiences are available for all business user workflows.

Use small format desktop experiences

Everything is more responsive in general for small format desktop experiences like console view, but one more thing to be noted is that mobile apps are not supported for those who are using community cloud.

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