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Einstein Search: The Complete Guide

With Einstein Search, your users can find the right data faster and take action on it instantly inside of Salesforce. With this new great advancement, searching your Salesforce orgs will be more efficient than ever before!

In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can effectively use Einstein Search. You need to set it up first! It is simple and easy to do so don’t worry if this sounds complicated. Once the setup process has finished successfully, we will go over what its capabilities are, as well as how it works in an efficient way.

Get Einstein Search now!

Einstein is free for every Unlimited, Enterprise, plus Performance edition customer, with Lightning-enabled.

To Set Up Einstein search:

Step 1: Enable Einstein Search and Turn on Personalization

  1. Go to Setup > Einstein > Einstein Search > Enable Einstein Search.
  2. Tick “Turn on Personalization (Beta)” and click “Save”.

Step 2: Make a Permission Set and put on the Natural Language Search (NLS), and Enhanced Results

  1. Create a Permission Set by going to Setup > Users > click on Permissions Sets.
  2. The “License” should be “Einstein Search”, click “Save”.
  1. You need to add the following to your new Permission Set:
  • Einstein Search
  • Instant Actionable Results
  • Natural Language Search
  1. Click “Save” when the dialogue box appears as “Do you want to save these permissions?”
  1. Assign the Permission Set to users.

Step 3: Define Your Search Result Layouts

Now, you may want to define your search result layouts and what actions users will be capable of taking.

When making changes to the layout, fields, and actions, you should keep in mind that it can affect your existing setup. For eg. what actions are open in search is settled by the page layout assigned to your user for that object.

The actions you add to the “Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions” area of the page layout in Setup (1), will be shown on both a record page (2) as well as search (3).

Account Page Layout:

Account Record:


Learn more about it in detail here.

After setting up, follow these steps

You’ll be able to see Einstein Search shortly after you and your users have the permission set assigned

After you hit the search bar, you’ll see some amazing new features like:

  1. Einstein tips
  2. Suggested searches
  3. Recent items
  4. Suggested lists

Einstein Search assists in replacing the need to build multiple reports and list views. Your users can easily search for “My Opportunities” or “My Accounts in San Francisco”. Imagine how much time it saves for both the admin & end user.

And you also get personalized results, you will be also able to take action; this game-changer really does cut down on the number of clicks needed.

Where you are guided to a suggested result, you can further see actions without having to navigate into the record.

Related Lists via Quick Links can be accessed from both instances, so you never have to navigate through the record.

How does all this work?

Personalized Search Results (Beta)

Personalized search results are for accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, and leads and are based on user activities. which suggests Einstein orders your search results based on:

Activity—how frequently or recently you’ve viewed the records.

Location—records that are associated with a place like a city, state, or country that you work with frequently.

Ownership—records that are held, altered, or modified by people that are essential to you.

Specialization—records that are associated with an industry or product field you prefer.

Source: Personalized Search Results (Beta)

Smarter Natural Language Search Results (Beta)

Einstein Search uses “natural language” which empowers users to search in Salesforce the same way as they search in Google. From Winter ‘21 Einstein’s natural language, the capability is getting even smarter, ignoring common words that aren’t relevant, improving search results.

Einstein – Always Learning

Einstein is a genius in making, a platform that assists your users in finding what they are searching for by providing suggestions based on the relevant records or searches. It even asks for feedback that has it shown the correct results or not.

The intuitive design of Einstein Search makes it feel like your search engine knows what you want before even ask.

Einstein Search Limitations

Geared up with Einstein Search, be aware of these considerations and limitations.

Einstein Search Availability

  • Available only when using global search in Lightning Experience with Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.
  • It’s not available in Salesforce Classic or Experience Cloud sites.

Feature Support and Limitations

The Einstein Search platform takes search to the next level. It’s powerful, easy-to-use, and provides personalization for your needs in seconds with natural language search options that provide instant results at any time!

  • Being a great tool salesforce mobile app offers personalization, natural language search, and recommended results across all versions of the app.
  • Personalization applies to full-page results, not instant results.
  • Natural language search is limited by many factors and its limitations are:
    • Works with these standard objects: account, case, contact, lead, and opportunity.
    • Supports queries in non-English languages for renamed objects that work with natural language search, renamed fields, and picklist values. Non-English languages aren’t supported for queries that contain boolean field values, dates, or stopwords.
    • In Government Cloud, it doesn’t support queries that use location & date filters.
    • It doesn’t return search results for the exact dates.
    • It doesn’t show search results for records with fields that an Admin or end-user can’t access when a field is restricted due to security reasons.

Salesforce Objects That Support Einstein Search

Einstein Search supports these Salesforce objects:

  • Personalization: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Leads
  • Natural language search: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Leads
  • Recommended result: Most objects, including custom objects, except Chatter, Knowledge, Reports, Dashboards, Tasks, Events

For more detailed information on Einstein search limitations please visit the Salesforce Help page


Einstein Search is proof that why Salesforce is a platform for boosting user productivity and customer success. Salesforce is a force to be reckoned with. With Einstein Search, users can drastically cut down the number of clicks and page load for the most frequently-used tasks. So what are you waiting for? Find out more about how it could improve your work today!


Abhilasha Dabral

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