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Demystifying Salesforce Anywhere

Demystifying: Salesforce Anywhere

Before we start talking, lets watch this amazing demo video.

Salesforce Anywhere was announced at TDX20, it’s a huge addition to the Core platform, and surely is a much-needed feature, especially in times, when remote working is a new normal for most of us. To me it feels like a combination of several powerful collaboration apps into one, like

  • Slack / Microsoft Teams styled collaboration with rooms/channels, emojis, but it’s very much contextual, with your Salesforce data, and much more.
  • Contextual Chat, not just plain text chat, but Video/Voice calls, and screen sharing but in the context of your Salesforce data.
  • Quip/Google Docs styled collaboration on a single record with the ability to comment and discuss specific parts of a record.
  • IT Support anywhere, with the ability to remotely troubleshoot issues.
  • The best part is to let the user and Salesforce business data stay inside Salesforce, and avoid complex integrations with external chat/business collaboration apps.

In this post, we will explore various key highlights, which we know so far, and until we get a hands-on experience of the real app. Picture below gives a quick overview of what to expect on a high level, there are so many interesting and minute details to observe.

Sales > Opportunity (Project Ladybug - 40K) > Feature explain
Salesforce Anywhere HIghlights
Image Credits: Salesforce.com

Salesforce Anywhere Highlights

#1 Voice/Video/Chat

For remote team collaboration, including external clients/stakeholders. This comes bundled with voice/video calls, text chat in the context of a given record. This integrated Native real-time chat and video is powered by Amazon Chime. Optional Zoom offering as an out-of-the-box integration. This is quite cool, as it probably opens the option to use your existing Zoom licenses in Salesforce.

#2 Mobile App

A brand new mobile app, which looks quite fluid and refreshing from the various screenshots and videos we saw so far. It seems to be offering chat, video calls, slack-style channels, and emoji support, along with alerts on record subscriptions.

Sales Team (Messages Example Demo)
Image Credits: Salesforce.com

#3 In Context – Specific Collaboration

How awesome it will be to see who is working on which part of record, with an ability to comment and chat on a specific field of a record is a huge benefit, just like Quip and Google Docs.

Chat Discussion Demo
Discussion on an Opportunity Amount field
Image Credits: Salesforce.com
Salesforce Anywhere Quip / Google docs styled visibility on who is working on a record
Image Credits: Salesforce.com
Salesforce Anywhere – Know who is working on which part of the document, by cursor tracking.
Image Credits: Salesforce.com

#4 Anywhere Support

With Salesforce’s new partnership and investments in Tanium, brings big value add to employee service management. Checkout following pictures for a good insight:

Salesforce Anywhere powered Service Cloud with real time collaboration and chat
Image Credits: Salesforce.com

Perform required fixes from Service cloud, on a single computer or multiple ones, with ability to schedule fixes, or do it immediately.

Salesforce Anywhere – Fix deployments
Image Credits: Salesforce.com

Using Tanium, customers on both ends will be able to:

  1. Reliably manage IT assets.
  2. Proactively remediate incidents.
  3. Gives IT teams visibility and control of employee devices and services on their network.
  4. A service dashboard for IT managers to view all their assets, configurations, and employee incidents in one central location.
  5. The ability for IT to build workflows using the Salesforce platform to further automate common tasks.
  6. Use Einstien/AI to automate further with intelligence.

Set up Salesforce Anywhere in Sandbox

All good details are available in the following Quip doc: https://quip.com/gG6vANba9bta/Set-up-Salesforce-Anywhere-in-Sandbox

Questions/Issues – discuss here: https://trailblazers.salesforce.com/_ui/core/chatter/groups/GroupProfilePage?g=0F93A000000LovY


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