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Concretio was founded in 2013 by Abhinav Gupta (8 times Salesforce MVP), with a motive to build a team of passionate individuals, who want to develop high quality solutions, and enjoy challenges posed by rapidly changing technology.

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Local Time – LWC (Lightning Web Component)

Local Time – LWC (Lightning Web Component)

A suite of Lightning components released 1st in 2015 with the launch of Aura Components marketplace on AppExchange. In 2018 we started revamping it in LWC (Lightning Web Components), 2019 its released an updated version on Component Marketplace again.

Here is the business use case for it:

  • Does it take a lot of clicks + time to figure out local time of a given Contact, Lead or Account record? This component/app saves your time, by showing the current local time by adding this component to any required place.
  • This app is a publicly listed Lightning Component on Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Because of heavy demand, we offered compatibility with both standard detail page layouts and Salesforce 1 Lightning as well.
  • It works with standard CRM objects like Lead, Contact, and Accounts.


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Abhinav Gupta
May 22, 2019