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Top salesforce chrome extensions 2022

Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2022

Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2022: The Salesforce Developer Community is a shining example of what can happen when Salesforce developers come together. We all know that this Community is one of kind. As long as you are willing to learn, they will be your backbone in this industry to help you always! These incredible people have created Salesforce Chrome extensions that make your day more productive and fun! Here we have listed our top favorites 6 Salesforce Chrome extensions, We love them and so will you. Let’s start with:

1. Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema) by Concretio Apps

Boost your efficiency with one of the best Salesforce Chrome Extensions out there. Concretio presents you a suite of tools like Debug log viewer, Schema Browser, and Event Data Monitoring (Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema)). Are you having trouble building SOQL queries with all Salesforce objects? Now, with Concretio’s help, you can smoothly build SOQL queries, and easily view debug logs. You will never be asked for your passwords, the Salesforce chrome extension works directly from the currently logged in Salesforce browser tab:

New Upgrade

The brand-new version of the Chrome extension of “Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema)” has been recently released which includes some subtle changes like the tail logs feature, and now anyone can use tail logs without being a geekish developer. Also, no CLI Installs/Complexity is needed! To explore more, check out this blog post purely dedicated to the new upgradation of this Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema) app.

2. Salesforce Inspector

The Salesforce Inspector adds a metadata layout to the standard Salesforce UI, enhancing the productivity and happiness of Salesforce configuration, development, & integration work.

3. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

You can search through your instances Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages, and components quickly using Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher.

4. ORGanizer for Salesforce

Your Salesforce.com usernames and passwords may have slipped your mind, but the ORGanizer Chrome Extension will help you identify Salesforce.com tabs on your browser.

5. Salesforce Navigator for Lightning

Using Salesforce Navigator for Lightning, you can quickly access any Salesforce page by typing what you need.

6. Tuvis – Connecting WhatsApp & Salesforce by Overstack

All of your customer relationship conversations will be happening in one place when you integrate your WhatsApp contacts and Salesforce contacts with Whatslly. Using this extension, you can review contact information, create leads, and even capture chats via WhatsApp and sync them with Salesforce.

7. Assistlead by salesbolt.com

Create new customer records from LinkedIn without switching to your CRM by integrating your Salesforce data with LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter. This extension (Assistlead) also makes the CRM data readily available within LinkedIn, you can access all the contact information you need without switching windows.

8. Chatter Monitor by Fronde

Thanks to Chatter Monitor, you can do everything you can in Chatter through Google Chrome, such as viewing your newsfeed, leaving comments, posting status updates, and following and unfollowing users. It is an excellent alternative to the Chatter desktop app because it works across all platforms without requiring any additional software. Multiple Chatter accounts can even be managed within your browser simultaneously.

9. DocSend Extension by DocSend

With DocSend Salesforce integration, all DocSend data is synced directly with Salesforce. You can view completed activities logged by a lead, opportunity, or contact via a Salesforce-enabled link.

10. Dark Mode for Salesforce by GrowthDot

Service Cloud Lightning’s bright default background can be changed to dark mode with this extension. The feature makes it easier for Salesforce users to work for extended periods in Service Cloud Lightning in low-light environments without requiring them to interact with Salesforce admins to update settings. Additionally, blue light exposure is reduced  by the extension

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