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Introducing The Best Chrome Extension: Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema)

What if we told you that there are a number of fantastic Salesforce Chrome extensions out in the market right now? But how do we separate what really matters from all those goodies, dust bunnies under our beds? Well, That’s why we’re here! In this blog, We’ll introduce you to the most wonderful extension and most popular Salesforce Chrome Extension that will make your day better and better. Presenting Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema)!!

So you want to build the SOQL queries with all Salesforce objects? Good choice! But it can be hard not to get lost in the weeds. Don’t worry though – we’ve got your back with this amazing Salesforce extension for High Productivity! With our help building SOQL queries, and easily viewing debug logs becomes smoother than ever before – all without asking for any passwords, this top Salesforce extension for chrome works directly from the currently logged-in Salesforce browser tab.

The time has finally come when you can do these tedious tasks without having to sit at your computer all day! With just a few clicks, you can have all of this done for yourself!

We cannot even imagine how frustrating it must be to wait around for these following tasks that take too long. I mean come on, we are all about convenience here!

We know what you are thinking though- “How much easier would it be If I could do this in just some clicks?” Well luckily there is always “Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema)” [Topmost Google Chrome extension for Salesforce admins and developers] for you which will get things done without sacrificing quality and your precious time so take advantage of these benefits today by checking out in which sections it can help:

  1. Effortlessly view debug logs in the Salesforce Setup area or Developer Console without much clicking around.
  2. Quickly explore Salesforce Schema, SObject relationships, and API Names of different Salesforce SObjects with this handy-dandy must-have chrome extension for Salesforce Admins and Developers!
  3. It’s never been easier to explore the fast-paced world of downloading Salesforce event logs for various system events (detailed list below).

This top google chrome extension for Salesforce administrators and developers is an attempt to make this use case simple, by making Salesforce debug logs visible in minimum clicks, without leaving your current Salesforce tab.


  1. Now, you’ll never have to worry about missing important details again with this awesome top google chrome extensions for Salesforce tool! It not only helps you analyze Salesforce debug logs but also provides a very clear and intuitive view of their hierarchy.
  2. This will make it more effortless to set logging levels and tracing flags for any users or apex code in Salesforce, without having too many clicks or navigation.
  3. With this nifty little add-on, you’ll be able to keep an eye on all logs for multiple Salesforce users in the same windows, as different tabs.
  4. You get a sounder way to analyze up to five levels of Salesforce relationships in parent objects, and query child relationships via clicks, without any need to remember API Names of Salesforce’s Object or field or relationship names.
    • Check out this video if you want to explore Salesforce multi-level parent and child relationships/objects:

5. Support Salesforce 50+ API Events for reporting.

New Upgrade

And, we have also one more good news for you (other than just finding out this awesome Salesforce chrome extension) is that the brand-new version of the Chrome extension of “Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema)” has been recently released 🤩
That’s right, This upgrade includes some subtle changes like the tail logs feature, and now anyone can use tail logs without being a geekish developer. Also, no CLI Installs/Complexity is needed! To explore more check out this blog post.

Live demo of Tail Logs feature in our popular chrome extension – Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema).

We can’t wait for you to try this topmost useful Salesforce chrome extension of 2022 and see how it helps you. You will be jealous of all the people who have been using it for all this time and Trust us this is the extension you have been looking for all this while. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us in the comments down below. And don’t forget to GET IT NOW HERE, ‘Til then, goodbye!🤗


Abhilasha Dabral

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