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Are you looking for Salesforce Consulting Services? As Salesforce Implementation Partner, We provide services of · Salesforce Communities Cloud · Marketing Cloud · Idea to AppExchange Listing · APIs and Integrations · Gorgeous UX · Solution/Security/AppExchange Review · Salesforce Custom Development · Salesforce Mobile Solutions, And so much more!!

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Get the Best Salesforce Consulting Services in Jaipur

Get the Best Salesforce Consulting Services in Jaipur

Get the Best Salesforce Consulting Services in Jaipur: Jaipur is the perfect place to find your next salesforce consulting company. Why? Well, for one thing, it’s home to Concretio apps – Get ready to get a deep dive into

Your One-stop Salesforce Solution:
We’re here to help you make the best decision for your company! We have all of our certified Salesforce experts in Jaipur and Gurgaon on hand, ready and waiting with their excellent Salesforce services that will surely going to help your company grow.

The top CRM platform:
As we all know the leading CRM platform currently is Salesforce. Businesses can track their customers’ needs, partners, and prospects with ease by implementing this System through programming techniques that allow for automation across different divisions within a company in order to create an efficient operation where everything works together seamlessly!

Salesforce is a game-changing platform that saves businesses both time and money with its automation features. The implementation of Salesforce has increased productivity by helping the company efficiently and smartly.

Many things need to be done in order for the business to grow, which includes the company’s objectives that are often met by focusing on ten key areas which are:

  • Salesforce delivers smart, efficient, and integrated solutions that enable companies to become more productive.
  • Data organization and management.
  • Different services are available to users.
  • Analyzing marketing campaigns.
  • The insights and performance will be analyzed automatically.
  • The promotion of products requires multichannel marketing.
  • Obtain leads and convert them to sales.
  • App development tailored to your needs.
  • Business growth and customization go hand in hand.

You deserve to maximize your Salesforce value, and we’re here for you. Concretio’s experts will audit your Salesforce CRM, detecting ineffective processes, duplicate records, and other faults to help you in leveraging your Salesforce potential. so that they can be optimized without any pesky limitations holding back progress!

Why choose Concretio as your Salesforce implementation Partner

In the Salesforce world, Concretio is a force to be reckoned with. From Salesforce development, integration, implementation, Salesforce1 development services to AppExchange development, and consulting services for all your needs in this ever-changing industry – We have got you covered! We couldn’t be prouder to call ourselves the cherished Salesforce Implementation Partners. Our result-oriented services will not only save time on implementation; they’ll keep costs down so anyone can afford them!

The traits that make us stand out as providing the best Salesforce Consulting Services:

We are the most honest and hardworking company you will ever come across. We don’t just want to provide quick results, our goal is for each client’s experience with us be as smooth-sailing!

All Through Salesforce Consulting – We expertise in everything attached with Salesforce and offer complete holistic Cloud consulting.

Integration – Not An ISSUE! – No matter what the data type, source or service is, our experts can integrate Salesforce and Salesforce1 platforms.

Let’s take a deep dive into our services:

  • Salesforce Implementation – We know how to tweak best of Salesforce to give you maximum ROI. This confidence comes from experience (since 2008) and implementation experience for world’s largest enterprises.We design solutions to pick up best mix of Salesforce licenses, and scalability for large data volumes.
  • Salesforce Communities Cloud – Empower your customers, and partners without leaving Salesforce. We know how to give the best and most intuitive UX for customers and partners, and give your more ROI on Salesforce licenses. We delivered multiple successful Community Cloud projects using Community Builder using Aura components.
  • Marketing Cloud – Achieve new level of marketing success, with multi-channel customer journeys across email, mobile, social, advertising, and the Web. Our team is helping enterprises across the world, to make most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Idea to AppExchange Listing – We have done it for more then 10 publicly listed apps on AppExchange. We are happy to be your team in this innovative journey, i.e. Brain Storming – Prototyping – MVP Release – Security Review – Public Listing on AppExchange. Please checkout our portfolio and get a feel of app quality we delivered for our own apps.
  • APIs and Integrations – We master Salesforce integrations with other systems ‘securely’, using SOAP/REST with XML/JSON over simple Basic or OAuth 2 authentication. We have integrated Salesforce with popular APIs/Platforms like Amazon Web Services(S3, SES, EC2, Lambda), Google (Tasks, Calendar, Maps, Places, GeoCode, Charts), etc.
  • Gorgeous UX Simplified – Our USP is gorgeous and responsive UX in Aura, LWC and classic Visualforce, using best and latest web standards HTML/CSS, along with SLDS, Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery, Kendo, etc. We take pride in delivering screens, which are way beyond, just a mere dump of the database on the web page.
  • Solution/Security/AppExchange Review – Is your consulting partner cheating you ? Save your hard earned money from going in vain. Why don’t you schedule a solution review session with our experts. We will make sure your app is correct from architecture standpoint, and developers are following best coding practices.
  • Salesforce Custom Development – We are expert in customizing Salesforce beyond point and click i.e. via Aura, LWC(Lightning), Apex, Visualforce, Flows, Process Builder and Triggers.Our code(pages & triggers) don’t fail in production, scalability is the foundation for any solution delivered.
  • Salesforce Mobile Solutions – We understand challenges with mobile web, and know how to deliver apps which works really smooth on Salesforce1 mobile. This confidence comes from delivery of many solutions comprising of Visualforce pages, Lightning components and latest of web technologies on Salesforce 1 platform.

Together, with our trained Salesforce consultants, let’s Unlock the Salesforce potential out of the dark and into the light for you, Contact us now!

Abhilasha Dabral

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