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Salesforce Sustainability Cloud – Leading the World towards Eco-Friendly Culture

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, A carbon accounting product for businesses to encourage environmental activism. With this, companies now have a committed sustainability program that gives them a 360-degree view of their climate impact and gives data-driven insights that will stimulate the world’s endeavors towards carbon neutrality.

Monitoring and Managing the Environmental Impact

Carbon emissions are unseen, and that is the cause they are all too easy to ignore until it’s too late. Data visualization puts them in the center, apparently visible, which is a very effective tactic for engaging everyone in sustainability endeavors. In the following details, you will be able to understand how to monitor and manage the environmental impact with the help of the Sustainability Cloud Platform.

  • Let’s take a look at the main dashboard which displays an overview of key metrics in which we can discover key info like the size of the office if it’s been Green Building certified, Heating resources, and additional information that helps in understanding the office’s performance.
Real Estate Facilities | Salesforce East
Salesforce Sustainability: Analyzing and Managing our Environmental Impact
  • Measuring emissions is simplified now. We just need to enter the monthly power consumption from the utility bill.
New Carbon Inventory
Calculating emissions is simplified.
  • The app automatically figures the monthly carbon footprint of the office. Not just the info available shortly it can also be easily verified, An auditor can view email history, compare the data in the system to the real data sources like invoices, and if they have any question they can just assign a task within the app streamlining all of the data conversations.
Not only the information available immediately it can also be easily verified.
  • The app makes environmental data more robust as well as more intelligent. The data scientist Einstein gives future predictions. He quickly reviews data like occupancy, past electricity use to tell what the monthly footprint will be.
Salesforce > Einstein Discovery > Stories > Search Stories
Einstein – Lets us see into the future.
Salesforce > Einstein Discovery > Story > Story over Time
Einstein quickly reviews data to predict what the monthly footprint will be.
  • If there are any differences in actual energy usage and Einstein prediction then he instantly provides suggestions so that efficiency can be improved. These predictions help in identifying issues early and resolve them all within the app.
Sustainability App > Sub Meter Name > Salesfrce West - Floor 33 - Meter#7
It gives suggestions when there is differences in actual energy usage & predictions.

Steps towards Reaching Carbon Neutrality

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud empowers organizations to rapidly track, analyze, and report solid environmental data to assist them in lessening their carbon outflows. The following four points will help you understand the steps taken via the sustainability platform towards reaching carbon neutrality.

  • Diminish emissions Through Sustainability Cloud.

Monitoring carbon emissions from energy usage and business travels can be so much time-taking. But when all your data compile onto just one place, you can effectively evaluate your carbon impression. 

Form a climate action plan for your company through a Sustainability platform.

  • Proceed further with definite data.

It delivers a clear data-driven analytical picture of the efforts of your team working on sustainable practices. You can easily deduct the energy consumption from the area where it is not required and can trace carbon emissions too.

  • Analyze carbon accounting records in weeks rather than months.

Implement pre-packaged data sets from the U.S. IPCC, EPA, and others to accurately evaluate the carbon accounting. Place your data collection and environmental action plan with guides and user flows.

  • Empower decision makers with executive-ready dashboard data.

Measure the corporate environmental impact with deep data analysis and dashboards. Trace energy patterns and emission trends, then build the business case to executives. When an organization realizes its carbon footprints, Officials can start to drive sustainability solutions.

Technical skills that are needed with Sustainability Cloud

Technical skills required for Salesforce professionals to innovate and improve with the Sustainability Cloud.

  • It is built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. All the tools you are familiar with are used such as Approval Process, Process Builder, Path, etc.
  • Einstein Analytics: Its Dashboards are core to introduce insights. just like in the case with some other Einstein Analytics Application, it will accompany pre-loaded lenses and dashboards yet certainly you will need to add and customize based on your company’s unique requirements.
  • Platform Events and Salesforce IoT: It is optional in the event you support a Cross-Cloud and Internet of Things Integration environment.
Carbon Footprint> Home > Executive KPI Dashboard
Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud aims for carbon accountability

The Cloud serves to manage anything like your organization’s power usage, and mold those measures into real-world data affirming the level of carbon emissions you produce. Moreover, with its assistance, it furnishes clear knowledge towards where your biggest carbon footprint is placed, so you can make a direct move to defeat it by choosing more eco-friendly alternatives. In short, the Sustainability Cloud makes it simpler than ever to understand and analyze significant data to support your efforts of being eco-friendly.

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