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Salesforce introduced Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub

Salesforce has simplified the previously complicated and lengthy process of calculating the amount of carbon emissions. The Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub has just been launched! Which is a new platform built for helping companies of any size and any industry to streamline how they track and measure supply chain carbon emissions. It will assist businesses to input data on supply chain emissions which can then be used for better understanding how decarbonization can be obtained in a company very smoothly. All while saving money with decreased administrative costs of managing several spreadsheets.

Scope 3 Emissions Dashboard:

  • Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub in the business of climate

For a business to establish an impactful climate approach, Each and every emission must be considered and accounted for in its carbon emissions portfolio. To get the reduction strategy right, data needs to be open and accurate.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 emissions are caught and visualized in the same platform that calculates scope 1 emissions – the direct emissions from the company’s owned assets, and scope 2 emissions – those linked with the purchase of electricity items for a company’s own use. This provides a sole and single source of truth for all emissions data of a company.. 

According to Kevin Vranes, director of product management at Salesforce, “Scope 3 emissions are very important for transportation and logistics, and It’s been interesting to watch the conversation shift from scope 1 and scope 2 to scope 3 [emissions] just in the past 12 months. Some companies are starting to understand how important tracking and reducing scope 3 emissions is since they often make up the majority of a company’s carbon footprint.”

Greenhouse gas categories covered by Sustainability Cloud

  • Salesforce’s commitment to the environment

Salesforce is working with their suppliers to work on their targets and its integrated climate strategy includes:

  1. Salesforce will soon deliver a carbon-neutral cloud to their customers.
  2. 100% renewable energy will be reached for Salesforce global operations by 2022.
  3. Climate will become an official part of the company’s public policy platform.
  4. Salesforce will help & mobilize the conservation, protection, restoration, and growth of 100 million trees by the year 2030.


Abhilasha Dabral

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