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Salesforce has announced Backup and Restore: A new data recovery service

Salesforce has announced Backup and Restore, a new data recovery service with the ability to automatically create backups, enabling any organization in need of restoring their lost or deleted files in just a few clicks. Salesforce’s latest Backup and Restore service promises peace of mind knowing you can always get back up on your feet even if the disaster strikes and be confident that everything will work just as before, thanks to this automated restore functionality.

The need for Backup and Restore 

Within the Salesforce Ecosystem, you can find an array of backup solutions. However, after taking feedback from their customers, Salesforce was met by an overwhelming demand about this need for an on-platform native solution that’s why they came up with a new native backup and restore option.

Backup and Restore Features 

Salesforce Backup & Restore will provide a full range of features that balance the priorities of data protection with flexibility and ease of use. This includes:

  • Customers will be able to automate daily backups of standard objects, custom objects, files, and attachments in Salesforce.
  • Metadata is also included in the daily backup.
  • Customers will also be able to restore backed-up data into orgs, automatically delete old backups after designated time intervals.
  • Perform high-level audits on who is initiating, modifying, or running backups.
  • All data backups will be encrypted at rest and in transit.

Backup and Restore vs Salesforce Data Recovery Service

Salesforce teamed up with their customers to come up with the Backup and Restore service, focusing on the requirements of a modern, connected, and distributed enterprise: ease of use, agility, and productivity. Backup and Restore enables any admin or business, providing them everything they want out of the box, such as encrypted backups at enterprise speed and scale — to take control of their organization’s business continuity plans. 

Backup and Restore offers customers the tools to create and restore comprehensive backups, all within Salesforce, rather than waiting weeks for a .csv file that then requires days to re-load.

Note: Backup & Restore, announced at Dreamforce 2021, is currently being piloted by a selected few customers, but is due to be generally available in October 2021.

If you would like to know more about the Backup and Restore visit here.


Abhilasha Dabral

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