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Manufacturing Cloud – Enhance your Production with Powerful Predictions

The Manufacturing Cloud is designed for manufacturers to unite planning and prediction for greater transparency and collaboration across the organization. It gives a unique level of business visibility and collaboration among the sales and services dept of a manufacturing company. This empowers them to have a healthier view of their customers within powerful new sales agreements & account-based forecasting solutions, granting visibility into their consumer interactions while allowing them to make more robust sales forecasts.

Supplier | Manufacturer | Distribution Channels | Customers

Explore Manufacturing Cloud highlights that serve you gain broad visibility into your business.

Build transparency with a unified view of all agreements.

It’s easy to collaborate and maintain relationships when you have an authentic, unique source of truth. With the Sales Agreements feature, you can build and manage sales agreements, like duration, products, prices, and planned quantities — and combine them with real quantities from your ERP. You can even build your custom activity track account performance furthermore you will get a unified view of your run-rate business. 

Surface insights and Generate more accurate predictions.

Generate more precise predictions with a consolidated view. With the Account-based Forecasting, you obtain a unified view of both your run-rate and net-new business. Your sales, product, and operations units can collaborate in real-time to grow faster, And because no two businesses are the same, you can also easily define a forecast algorithm, based on the activity and figures that follow your business with Formula Builder.

Grasp the strength of a complete CRM for manufacturing.

Enhance the value of Service & Sales Cloud for a unified view of complete customer activity. Drive predicted business outcomes by proactively maintaining your customer relationships. Give your account team a comprehensive 360-degree view of all customers. Your teams will obtain real-time visibility within key sales and service activity, along with collaboration tools, workflows, and AI-driven insights, so they can more actively maintain the health of every account. 

Get a deeper understanding of complete CRM solution.

The manufacturing industry has witnessed a dramatic transformation over the years. Earlier, manufacturing companies responded to whatever a customer required. It has now developed and become even more customer-centric by incorporating this newest solution designed especially for manufacturers.

Let’s take a look into this video which will help us expand our understanding of the complete CRM Solution for Manufacturing, manufacturers can unify sales, service, and marketing to develop lasting customer relationships, and can grow their businesses.

Plan with transparent, digital collaboration.

Facilitate real-time online collaboration among customers, channel partners, and employees. AI-inspired insights are planted to provide account health, customer lifetime value, pricing performance, and so much more, so executive and account duos always have the insights they require to take powerful actions.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing.

Cover actionable business insights – Einstein Analytics increases the power of Manufacturing Cloud by introducing intelligent insights, forecasts, and support into your day-to-day operations. With an entirely customizable program, executives and account teams can uncover insights into sales agreement compliance, account strength, pricing, and product performance.

Learn How to Accelerate Revenue Intelligence & Growth.

Making quick and intelligent decisions is key to hitting your targets and growing your business. In this ‘Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing’ video here are three easy steps to drive revenue, intelligence, and growth in your manufacturing Business.

1) Combine your ERP and legacy system data for accurate revenue insights.
2) Focus on the highest ROI opportunities.
3) Take data-driven actions that move the needle for your business.

Be aware of the real-time & Accurate view of account activity.

The ERP connectors and templates in the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform make it effortless to take order info from your ERP or order management systems. You can decrease integration complexity while uniting your back office.


Acquire the best tools for your team. (To know more about prices visit here)

Enterprise – Excellent CRM for manufacturing companies. $225/month/user

Unlimited – Extensive CRM power and assistance for manufacturing companies. $375/month/user

Compare editions and top features

Editions and Top Features$225USD/user/month$375USD/user/month
Manufacturing Sales Data Models
Sales Agreements and Management 
Custom Metric Definition and Tracking
Account-Based Accurate Forecasting
Audit Trail for Collaborative Forecasting
Custom Forecasting Fine Algorithm
24/7 Support and Configuration Services

Why prefer Manufacturing Cloud?

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a massive digital transformation. Businesses are bound to innovate so their company can succeed. To provide smooth customer experience, manufacturers need a solution that benefits them better understand customer requirements while gaining visibility over the entire value chain. The benefits of adopting Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud in an organization are endless. From the supply chain to the shop level, from distributors to customers — Manufacturing Cloud contributes a unique insight into your business and offers a chance to better connect with professionals across the value chain.

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