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How Salesforce Health Cloud is Transforming the Healthcare Industry?

Over time, healthcare practices have witnessed revolutionary transformation by adopting numerous Health software in a variety of ways but the one which really got one step further in this is Salesforce Health Cloud. It has provided a better work-life balance amongst health care management. It not only ensures fine outcomes for the patients but also reduces the workload for the administration staff. Let’s explore Health Cloud features:

Empower the Healthcare Team

Build personalized connections that lead to more positive experiences for patients while improving their health simultaneously. Salesforce has made it easy to connect with patients through any channel over the entire healthcare network, Plus connecting EHR data, treatment plans, patient preferences, and so much more.

Provides quality to healthcare journey

Health Cloud provides a smooth experience to the patients in their complete journey, from acquisition and onboarding, By engagement and retention. It provides a personalized service that fabricates patient relations forever and extra care throughout their healthcare journey. In today’s business world, leading insurance plans require to form trust and lasting relationships with members.

Simplifies patient engagement

Engage with patients during their whole health journey with a smooth action platform that connects people, data, and processes. Whether you’re registering patients or constructing therapy-specific services at scale, Health Cloud improves your processes so, you can decrease complexity, accelerates business-wide innovation, and boost the impact of all patient support programs.

Enhance the quality of care with a unified digital platform

Enhance the quality of care by gaining commercial excellence by linking sales, business operations, and patient services units with critical data and actionable insights. Health Cloud assists in managing commercial processes, building provider connections, and also connecting with patients more efficiently and personally.

Boosted the Momentum of Healthcare via Care plan

A care plan delivers the healthcare team records of the patient and the progress of their health. It displays the names of the users. If the org has adopted the life science program management data model, then they can use this to offer personalized data to users via multiple channels, for example, a site or a health app. These two points will broaden your understanding of the Care Plan.

  1. The Plan consists numerous benefits in it.
    It represents a set of activities, for instance, a patient therapy, financial assistance, training, fitness, or Wellness plan, offered to members by an employer or insurer.
  2. Health Program provides quality to health care
    It aims to enhance care plans, support wellness practices, and contribute financial help. Care plans can have services like patient outreach, access medicines, and access to care, etc.

Health Cloud Insurance

The new characteristic of Health Cloud Insurance is: It holds a payer-specific data model with help for common data objects that health plans use to manage their claims payment operations. Salesforce Health Cloud can be integrated with one or more payment systems, which is so powerful for health plans which serve multiple payment systems due to amalgamations. These points will help you understand the features of Salesforce Health Cloud Insurance.

  1. It allows a complete view of members in a single, wide dashboard.
  2. Advanced workflow management.
  3. Health Care for Payers will encourage engagement.

The following chart shows the health insurance and claims data model.

Let’s dive into the Technical side of Health Cloud

Install Health Cloud

Install the Health Cloud package in your organization so that you can start implementing Health Cloud services for your users. Here are some links:

Import a Patient

Salesforce Health Cloud purpose is all focused on: To give health care teams the tool they need to collaborate more efficiently, To know patients more strongly, and Build 1-to-1 connections across entire care journeys. The patient creation flow depends on how the organization favors integrating back-end systems like the EHR with Health Cloud. There are two methods to make patients in your organization:

  1. Patient Data in Salesforce Lead Records
  2. Patient Data Through the electronic medical records system (EMRs)

Timeline View in the Health cloud

The Health Cloud Timeline View: is to see all the time events of the patient. On its Configurations tab, attach various events to the timeline by exposing fields on standard objects. Then, choose icons to describe the data on the timeline. Apply filters to see which events appear on the timeline and then define which timeline the configuration refers to.

Patient Creation

Each patient at the beginning described in Health Cloud as a candidate for services. And, that is the reason, each patient begins with a CandidatePatient__c record. The data copied to the Salesforce objects is based on the mapping of fields among CandidatePatient__c and the fitting Salesforce objects. When the candidate patient is switched, the patient creation process builds following objects in Salesforce:

• An account & contact representing a patient.
• A case describing a care plan.
• A care team associated with the care plan coordinator user and patient contact.

The candidate patient record (CandidatePatient__c) is connected within the description of a patient in the EHR system and in Health Cloud. The records are connected by the medical record number, which is described in Salesforce by the Medical Record Number field. Salesforce applies the MedicalRecordNumber__c and SourceSystem__c fields to fix the duplicate records in the patient creation process. You can make a validation command to confirm that all candidate patient records have values in their fields before turning into patient records.

Health Cloud is worth being a part of an organization. Salesforce has invested a lot of resources to secure the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry to make it powerful. The acquisition of Mulesoft in Health Cloud ensures that future enhancement is on its way, With quick use cases to improve and increase referral management and order confirmation in hospitals.

Health Cloud Pricing Overview

Pricing of Health Cloud begins at $300.00 per month, per user. In which you will have a free trial. See the additional pricing details below.

Starting Price$300.00/month/userContact Here
Unlimited$400.00/month/userContact Here
Free DemoYes, get a free demo
DeploymentWeb-Based, Cloud, SaaS
TrainingIn-Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
Support 24/7 (Live Rep), Business Hours, Online

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