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Are you looking for Salesforce Consulting Services? As Salesforce Implementation Partner, We provide services of · Salesforce Communities Cloud · Marketing Cloud · Idea to AppExchange Listing · APIs and Integrations · Gorgeous UX · Solution/Security/AppExchange Review · Salesforce Custom Development · Salesforce Mobile Solutions, And so much more!!

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Our Awesome 1 Year WFH Journey

How Team Concretio Overcome Uncertainty

When we embarked on our journey of work-from-home last year, we knew that it would be a transformational experience. But what we didn’t know was how drastically our way of working and living would change. Yes, initially we had concerns but after seeing how amazing our team has been in the face of all this uncertainty, it’s clear that Team Concretio is uniquely prepared to face these changes head-on. We have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to create a workplace and employer experience that made us even more connected, healthy, innovative, and productive than ever before.😇

We were ahead of the official lockdown to make sure our team is safe

We were ahead of the official lockdown to make sure our team is safe because when the government announced a shutdown all over India, our entire team had already started working from home comfortably a week earlier than everyone else had thought about doing so. It only got possible thanks to our forward-thinking of senior management. Our dedicated team sharply understands what is the need of the hour. It’s funny how such an easy thing like work-from-home for 2 weeks turned into more than a year off at this point!😄

Virtual hiring was continued

Our new world is the most diverse it has ever been because WFH and lockdown didn’t stop us from hiring anyone on earth that’s up for the job. Our team is successfully working from all across India. And we’re not going back to the way it was. We’ve embraced the change of circumstances due to pandemic and uniquely going ahead with this (By the way Hiring is still open).🤝

Unprecedented times call for an unprecedented celebration

Our office parties were one such occasion that every teammate looks forward to. But last year, we happily welcomed a very different party session to what we have been used to, and on the basis of that, we can say our team knows how to have a good time – and can easily adapt to change no matter what circumstances just for having fun! 

Last year we threw a major office party that was filled with joy and laughter. All the staff even created cute and creative videos of them showing their enthusiasm. Here is such an adorable reminder of last year’s revelry. Check out that infectious vibe! 🥳

Blending with the trend

Do you remember that recent viral video of ‘Pawri Girl‘?. We thought it would be funny to make our own version of Pawri and fool around with some pictures of all the happy memories we have at work. So, without wasting any time, we just put it up on our social media channels so that everyone could relive those memories. The whole team was having a hard time not laughing. It felt so good seeing everyone light up like that. We will always go the extra mile to make our Team feel happy especially at this time. And, we also understand that little things do matter a lot.

Check out that video here!! 😎

The Rush and Thrill of Hackathon! 

You know what the coolest hackathon was? The one we made happened from home. Our last year’s Hackathon <unchecked-exception/> was a phenomenal experience. It was a 10-day drill for our Trainees and Trainee Consultants to work in a real-life and competitive model that challenged their core and allowed them to think critically as a real Salesforce Consultant. We were blown away by the quality of hacks that came out. The judges had a hard time picking winners because everyone was so good! The event was a success, with so many new and exciting ideas coming out of it. All in all, It was an amazing experience that we would love to repeat again as soon as possible.🐱‍💻

For our future Hackathon, We are planning on making it even bigger, better, and boosted than before. All of us here at Concretio are really looking forward to it! 💡

The Unsung Heroes

With WFH, one important thing which we want to convey through this post is how thankful we are for the families of our team who have passively become a part of the organization, often making surprising cameo appearances in virtual meetings. Concretio wants to take it as an opportunity to thank families. We are in their spaces, be it parents or spouses. Therefore, we want to thank them for all the adjustments they have made to help our people maintain their professional commitments.🖖

So, this was all about our journey of work from home. If you want to know more about it, We’d recommend checking out the “Initial days of Work From Home” blog post. Click here to Tweet! Have a nice day. Take care!! 🥰

Abhilasha Dabral

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