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Our YeurDreamin’ Experience

Community events are always special, and a lot of fun. I can relate to it in all depth, as an attendee and being a core team member, and organizer of India’s 1st community event called “Jaipur Dev Fest” (JDF). I am writing with a feeling of curiosity as JDF organizer, to explore all history of how things started with YeurDreamin, to our own experience as an attendee.

Finding the origins

I never attended London Calling, but after digging a bit of history about YeurDreamin, I landed upon this tweet from Feb’18. It seems to be quite a journey from organizers to start from this introduction on Feb’18 to delivering the event on 14-Jun’19

Finding a logo

Just like a startup, this is quite an interesting, creative and challenging task.


Golden Hoodie

Whilst busy helping organize YeurDreamin, Paul Ginsberg had time to get a Golden Hoodie. But he wouldn’t be alone on big day.”

Wondering why I am adding this tweet about Gemma here? You will realize the connection later.

Oh, Gemma was attending YeurDreamin, simple?

Deciding the location Brussels vs Amsterdam

Amsterdam leading already.

Exploring possible venues

This again relates to me as a JDF organizer, and similar memories flash up.

Initial pics of the Amsterdam venue

Classic paper ticket distribution starts

Power of 12 – “Super Early Birds” tickets

An interesting approach to use number 12 to its fullest 🙂

More love to the paper tickets

I know it’s not GREEN, but it’s classic and lovely

Cracking Sponsors – The Thrill Game


Call for Speakers

Speaker announcement begins.

My trip starts – from India

I flew with two of my teammates, nearly 5 days before the event. I was quite excited to explore Europe for the first time as a tourist, and even more excited to meet and learn from the community there. We enjoyed the calm and beautiful mood of the city (pic below).

YeurDreamcat announced that week as YeurDreamWeek, nearly at the same time…

Hanging out with the core team and few early birds on 11th June Tuesday

We had an amazing evening on 12th June as well

13th Morning, well spent connecting with non-profit momentum in Dutch Community.

And its 13th June evening..

A day before the event

The Event Day – 14th June

Warming up

Opening Note

Keynote by Ladies Be Architects

That’s why I was covering Gemma’s golden hoodie tweet above, it’s so impressive to see achivements of Gemma, and whole LadiesBeArchiects group

Impact of Ladies Be Architects – Standing ovation

Jessica’s take on the Dutch community and more…


Check the full schedule here. Below are some of the tweets capturing various sessions.

Demo Jam by Joshua

Volunteers – Lifeline of community events

Loved this giving back gesture to Safe Spaces Nairobi (Non-Profit)

Salesforce Saturday – 15th June

Big Thanks

We had an amazing time at Amsterdam and loved the hospitality and warmth of the Dutch community there. It was very pleasing to see the welcoming and warm attitude of everyone. YeurDreamin for me was a great success and looking forward to it in 2020.

Get motivated for #YD20

40 Speaker Sessions, People from 25 Countries, hear more member of organizing team – Kathryn Chlosta in the video tweet below:

Abhinav Gupta

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