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Our Memorable 8th-Anniversary Trip

Our Memorable 8th-Anniversary Trip

Recently, the Concret.io team continued their annual tradition of throwing a blasting party on their anniversary month. A sabbatical is an integral part of the company’s culture, allowing the team to reflect on the previous year and create new memories. Over the past eight years, the team has visited so many incredible places together.

It was decided this year to celebrate the 8th anniversary in another city. Our team was searching for warmth and rejuvenating inspiration heading into the celebration. So, in search of sun, we loaded our bags and boarded a bus to Ranthambore. You can see a glimpse of the whole event in this video.

The event started with the song that everyone started grooving along to and warming up because, after a while, everybody was going to dance wild, so it was sort of like the starter pack.

Adjusting the Focus

We didn’t know something big was coming our way, that announcement surprised us all: the change of our logo, This news left everyone delighted. The decision was made because of the direction our company is heading. There couldn’t be anything more suitable than a ‘Hot air balloon’. If you want to know more about the vision, please read through this post.

Our ‘Desi Boyz’ in the House

It was then the turn of our ‘Desi Boyz’ to perform the awesome dance. Considering they prepared the dance in just two days and practiced it after office hours, we could not be more appreciative of their performance. To be honest, It wasn’t about the dance but the energy that was bursting out of them that really stood out. 

Bollywood Tadka in Corporate Style

Next up was Bollywood Tadka but in corporate style, well that was an amazing surprise at the event, we did not know that we had such an amazing mimicker working with us. They imitated Pankaj Tripathi, Paresh Rawal, Munna Circuit Ki Jodi, and other celebrities, a funny ticking performance we witnessed.

Stories that Never Happened

You may be puzzled by this title and so were we as well when the host described the game, which was about creating imaginary stories and exaggerating things that never happened in real life. The game began with our CEO Abhinav Gupta and Sagar Alwani making some funny stories. We were all laughing like crazy. We have never seen anything like this before; salute to the creator of the game. 

Ramp Walk

You cannot go wrong with a ramp walk when you have a dashing team. Our gorgeous girls were invited to do a catwalk, and everyone loved it. Then we had our handsome boys, and wow, what a ramp walk they did. We are running out of words to describe how elegantly they walked 🤣. We don’t want to say more, you just need to check out these pictures. 

Rashmirathi Poem

We were delighted by our team member Puneet Agarwal in his recitation of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s energetic poem Rasmirathi from Mahabharata, he touched the audience with powerful lines. His performance was superb, filled with power, meaning, and weight that left the audience reeling.

Distribution of Awards

And the distribution of the Awards, we have a brilliant team of people, and we think they deserve everything. This event was the perfect opportunity to show them how much we value and appreciate their work and everything they do for the company. The well-deserved members received awards at the event.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Cake-cutting ceremonies complete every party. The best way to make a special occasion memorable is by cutting the cake with everyone, and that’s what we did. Everyone was eagerly waiting for their piece of cake.  

Dance like no one’s watching

Often dancers are told that all they need is an excuse to get up and dance well, we are proof of that. This time Punjabi beats made us dance like no one’s watching, You don’t believe me – watch us here dancing to the fullest, we look so hyped up and excited during the event!!!

Games we had been waiting for

Musical Chair: Now, who doesn’t like a fueling game of musical chairs, right? The excitement and hooting were so loud that the game conductor had to replace the music with the noise of the spoon and plate. The excitement and thrill of not losing the chair was evident in everyone’s faces. This final round of musical chairs came to a perfect ending with our two winners. 

Lemon & Spoon Race: It was now time for our favorite childhood game, lemon and spoon race. The whole team was divided into 10 groups, As the race began, everyone rushed to reach the finishing line, In the midst of this, most of us messed up as the lemon fell from our spoons.😂 

Tug of War: Now comes the game of the games, Tug of war. The game isn’t as easy as it seems! There are plenty of strategies that go into winning the game, and a lot of it has to do with the team’s positioning and technique. Well, nothing worked for us since we came to know about this by the winning team at last.

Wild Jungle Safari

While on a jungle safari, we nearly came across the National animal: Tiger, and although the sight lasted only about a half minute, our heartbeats started racing. The trip was a wonderful experience, we saw deer, rabbits, birds, and a leopard (just kidding, we would have liked to have seen that too), but overall, we enjoyed the jungle while being surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Life’s cool by the pool

After the event took place, we all headed to the pool to cool off and relax. Some of us were in the pool, and some were outside, but full-on chit-chatting was all around. Everybody was having a great time. You can take a glimpse of our enjoyment here.

Trinetra Ganesh Temple visit

In spite of the fact that we knew that Ranthambore was a marvelous place, our experience became even better when we toured the Ganesh temple. The journey from the hotel to the temple was simply beautiful, it felt as if nature’s calmness and beauty had mixed and then we embarked upon that journey. We snapped pictures, enjoyed the view, chit chatted, and then we did pooja at the temple one by one. It was an incredibly beautiful experience.

Food & Fun

How can we skip this? The delicious food was on another level or maybe we just felt like that because we were having a great time together, laughing and joking about random things. Can it get any better than that?

Traveled back with Happy Memories

Everything has an end, and so does this journey. But the positive thing is that we didn’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun even when we were heading back to our destinations. We played games like dumb charades, sang on the bus, and had fun conversations. 

Ah, This journey will be missed forever, Wishing all the best for our team, our company, and everyone who has been part of it. In the meantime, take care and stay tuned for another awesome blog post.👋😊

Abhilasha Dabral

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