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The TrailheaDX ’20 – What You May Have Missed

After all of the preparation and growing excitement, it is hard to believe that the first-ever Virtual TrailheaDX’20 event is over. Back to back amazing episodes, product updates, New Features & Announcements can go by fast — so in case there is anything you have missed, Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top highlights from TDX’20.

TDX events are always about learning, connecting, building, and giving back. It was a marvelous virtual event, Let’s talk about all the cool things that have been there
The event was made up of 36 content episodes and 4 additional broadcast channels and 45+ product demos for the developer, admin, architect, and community & ecosystem – plus a keynote, and other sessions so think of it like a Tv guide in which you can change the channel and watch different segment Now in addition to those pre-recorded segments they had nine circles of success which were just like the circles of success that they do at their In-person event.

Let’s talk about the amazing content for which we were all excited for.

The First Keynote:

The first keynote kicked off with our unstoppable Leah McGowan-Hare. She introduced our all-time favorite singer Jennifer Hudson who delivered a beautiful heavenly performance. After that Sarah Franklin (EVP & GM Platform) ran a very excellent keynote. She called out the hurdles we are all facing, as four crises which we are having right now: Health, Economic, Social, Leadership. And talked about Salesforce’s dedication to equality and diversity.

Product Announcements:

It wouldn’t be TrailheadX without some big announcements. Similarly, as with every major Salesforce event, there were important product announcements

What's New Today - Salesforce Anywhere, Scale with confidence, Innovate, Empower everyone

Salesforce Anywhere app and Employee service solution:

As their name itself suggests that It aims to make ‘working better wherever a person is working from.’ Both products’ goal is to help improve collaboration within workforces as they adapt to working remotely. you can get up-to-date insights, alerts, and real-time collaboration right in the CRM on any device. Salesforce Anywhere empowers remote teams to collaborate more efficiently within Salesforce on mobile and desktop.
The Salesforce Anywhere App will be available in beta in July, with the product expected to be generally available in quarter fourth of 2020. The employee service solution will be accessible in beta in November 2020.


The dev tools area got a big boost with a set of announcements, showing Salesforce’s commitment to much more governed release management (DevOps) lifecycle. It is created on Microsoft’s Visual Studio Codespaces, a web-based developer setting that is an addition to VSCode, the desktop IDE
According to Wade Wegner (Sr. VP, Product Management, Salesforce): “with Code Builder, Salesforce developers get the best of both worlds — a web-based environment for developing wherever they are and all the productivity-boosting tools that will help in easily building apps on Salesforce.”
The CodeBuilder pilot, which will be available for only limited customers, launched at TDX20.

DevOps Center:

Accelerate Shipping with Release Management for Everyone:- When businesses expand rapidly, so does the requirement for governed release management that enables easy stakeholder participation. With DevOps Center, admins plus other declarative developers can build against source control, work better with programmatic developers, launch applications faster, and do so with modern workflows like continuous integration and delivery. DevOps Center enables organizations to proceed to prioritize release velocity, Making it easy how apps are improved through development environments from concept to launch, and accelerating both the pace and quality of deployments. And since DevOps Center lets you progress in your traditional sandboxes, you can also get hold of further capabilities like Data mask that anonymize sensitive data in your testing settings — providing pace without decreasing trust.
DevOps Center will be available in development preview following this year.

Analyze, Build, Operate, Deliver

Salesforce Functions:

As business demands for growth, so does the necessity to formulate end-to-end experiences that can balance elastically. Salesforce Functions is a service that allows developers to write codes that can integrate with their data on the Salesforce Platform, and drive it on-demand with elastic scale in a serverless context. It enhances the potential of development units to focus on delivering apps and business logic quickly, rather than managing infrastructure. To accelerate app building, developers have the adaptability to innovate using languages they already know, such as Node.js, Java, and Apex, while also gaining the proper advantage of open source ecosystems. They can swiftly build, test, and debug Functions using the Salesforce developer tools. Admins or other users can expand their business processes by calling Functions from existing Apex code or low-code tools like Flow or even share them as part of AppExchange packages. Salesforce Functions are available in the pilot.

Data Privacy Manager:

Data Privacy Manager will contribute to data privacy and consent compliance which is fabricated of seventeen consent objects that will be available as part of the center platform.
The app pilots from one August and it provides anonymization and deletes private data from your sandbox environments so you can test with high fidelity substitute data and rest assured that your customers’ data is held confidential.
These multiple custom objects will make populating the data very challenging, but there is a lightweight Salesforce Labs app that is named as Consent Capture Flow Solution.


Work.com is a set of apps to help employees return to work safely. It launched on 1st June 2020 but is continuing to evolve with new functionality and new ISV apps.

True to the Core – Ask Me Anything Round:

The True to the Core sitting is an opportunity to enlighten yourself by asking questions to Salesforce executives, This time featuring Bret Taylor, Parker Harris, Sarah Franklin, and the other Product Managers. The questions were posted from attendees in the Live chat section.

Trevor Noah shared his thoughts on racial injustices

Winding up the day in a chat with Trevor Noah in which Leah McGowan-Hare outstandingly drove the discussion on racial injustice, and Trevor expressed his views on racial injustices in today’s society in a very thought-provoking way.

TDX’20 had proved that it’s not just about speeches and entertainment but much more than that It is essentially about making the world a better place for everyone in every possible way, especially in today’s times. Huge thanks to the Salesforce team.

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Abhilasha Dabral

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