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TrailheaDX Tweet Story

The TrailheaDX’19 India TweetStory

Any Salesforce developer you converse with will have a list of events that they dream of visiting and speaking at. Two occasions that consistently come at the top of this list are Dreamforce – the annual 4-day Salesforce event for all Salesforce Trailblazers and TrailheaDX – the yearly, 2-day developer event with a target audience of Salesforce developers. For developers in India, the TrailheaDX dream gets a brand new and similar exciting counterpart in Bengaluru with TrailheaDX India.

Having this event in India, means a lot for all SF Indian Trailblazers, this post is our humble attempt to recap the key happenings in this regard, we will be using interesting tweets to bring you as close to the moment. Though TrailheaDX was an epic, we are hoping to have various stories covered via a bundle of roughly 60 tweets before and after the event.

Indian Trailblazer Community’s #Gratitude

Indian community decided to acknowledge and express their gratitude towards @kavindrapatel, popularly known as Father of Indian Salesforce Community. His hard work and focus, were one of the key factors to make TrailheaDX possible in India. Here are some lovely tweets from community leaders:

#RoadToTDX Events

#RoadToTDX meetups were organized across multiple cities in India. Idea was to share the theme of TDX with newbies and share the excitement with the wider community.

Giving Back – Preparing new trailblazers

The Salesforce ecosystem is growing and is expected to create 1.1 million jobs in India by 2022. So many students embarked on this 5-month learning journey designed for legal residents of India. Salesforce uses the power of its free learning platform — Trailhead — to teach every learner everything Salesforce, numerous students took a lot of benefit from it. These students are not just freshers, but life long learners who are excited about 4IR and are sure about a rewarding future with Salesforce 360 platform.

Here are some tweets from students participating in the journey

5k Community Run

Trailblazers all across India, joined in on December 15th at 8:00 AM as they try to spread celebrate fitness together with #TDXIndia19, they were running for:

  1. Nature.
  2. Nature’s most beautiful creation- women.


Getting closer to the day

Every tweet was building up the excitement as we approach the day(19th Dec’19).

The much-awaited Day 1

Many of us can’t sleep in excitement to attend the event at BIEC campus in Bengaluru. This campus was like Moscone West Dev Zone at BIEC campus in India.

Customer 360 Theatre

Companies are trying for decades to get a 360* view of their own customers, but with a variety of different tools/software being used by various departments and business units, it’s not a simple thing. Customer 360 is an opportunity to learn how the Salesforce customer 360 platform unites Marketing, Sales, Commerce, Service, and IT  for business, i.e. with a single source of truth, one shared view of your customers, delivering personalized, connected experiences which businesses and customers always expected.

On the same theme, this theatre hosted 26 expert-led demos, and amazing sessions about the platform:

  1. Building Connected Experiences with Customer 360
  2. 5 Game changing Flow Solutions to level up your org
  3. Let’s Talk About Einstein Voice
  4. How to Build Mobile Ready Experiences with the New Lightning on Mobile

Trailblazer Community Cove

A tree of gratitude is an amazing idea, which relates very much to Indian rituals as well. Along, with that, the community campfire zone hosted Trailblazer community leaders from various parts of India, where they shared a lot of inspiration on a variety of topics, like

  1. Trailblazer Community Groups: Your Key to the Salesforce Ohana
  2. The Power of Collaborating with Millions of Trailblazers Online
  3. Break Out of Your Shell and Present at Your Local Community Group
  4. Journey from a Developer to an Entrepreneur

Ruth’s Intro (the elephant in the room)

We got a new member in our Salesforce family and it’s Ruth, This Salesforce Architect is a WIT (Women In Tech) and the newest addition to the Trailhead family! Ruth’s pronouns are She/Her. Her favorite super badge is Advanced Apex Specialist! She is designed like an elephant and we all know an elephant never forgets, to design scalable solutions while taking into account the architectural implications of a multi-tenant environment.

Marc’s Book

Attendees got the opportunity to have a copy of Marc’s latest book titled “Trailblazer: The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change“. It was amazing excitement around the book to get the FREE hardcopy.

Golden Hoodie

Golden Hoodie is something you cannot buy but you have to earn it, it was a much-awaited honor for India to witness. We are glad they are given to very well-deserving trailblazers Sagar and Surbhi.

Kids, Education, Giving Back

Trailhead’s mission is to democratize education and make learning accessible to all. With more than 1.8 million Trailblazers already skilling up on this platform, Salesforce is partnered with ICT Academy, ICT Academy of Kerala, and the Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge to empower even more learners with the tools to skill up for the jobs of tomorrow. Educating kids for Salesforce.org goes beyond technology It gives its full support to its associated organization which provides education to the children

Panel – Your SF Future in 2025

With the Salesforce ecosystem booming in India 🇮🇳,  this panel is about positioning the Trailblazer community to take advantage of the boom in the next 5 years. It had deep conversations about, What is your next move? Senior Developer? Consultant? Tech Lead? Entrepreneur? Architect? This panel was driven by Community Leaders and Team Trailhead!

Career Fair

Many trailblazers on their journey to Salesforce, met amazing employers from all over India. There were countless interviews going on for two days for both students and professionals from other backgrounds. It was delightful to see them getting placed with various Salesforce partners across India.

Celebrations & Party

At the end of Day1, energies were amazing and people had a gala time.


Saina Nehwal Fireside Chat

This conference was targeted towards admins, developers, architects, customers, entrepreneurs, and partners. The closing keynote featured a fireside chat with One of the most iconic Trailblazers of our time, A Padma Bhushan awardee and A brilliant badminton player Saina Nehwal, who talked about how she inspired an entire generation of young people and blazed her trail achieving several milestones across various international badminton championships for India.

#Groupfie with National Flag

This was among one of the favorite moments, where we see India shining with so many enthusiastic trailblazers around.

20th Dec Evening – Community Leaders Get Together

It was an amazing evening, where it was exciting to see a lot of excitement left after 2+ days of infinite talking, and running around.

Here is Kavindra’s inspiring speech, which will continue inspiring many trailblazers

Random Fun Moments – Selfie, Groupfie

The charming part of all Salesforce events – a genuine dosage of fun! TrailheadX India has arranged an endless blend of everything wonderful and exciting for participants. This extent from TrailheadX Quest where you have high chances of winning so many prizes, Trailmojis, Tree of Gratitude, photo ops and an epic party at last! We wouldn’t call it TrailheaDX without having endless opportunities to have fun! Everybody had so many opportunities to get together with others in the network, In addition to an epic celebration. Gathering with friends and hunting for the coolest swag, earning prizes with TrailheaDX Quest, and celebrated it with Salesforce family at this groundbreaking event.

Stay Tuned for #TDXIndia2020

We tried our best to cover the best of TDX in this post, but it was beyond awesome, and such a mega-scale event, so excuse us for the unintentional ignorance. We are excited and looking forward to TrailheaDX’2020.

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