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The #1 Dreamforce ’21 Guide: Everything you need to know

The whole audience was cheering as their voices rose up into the air, thrilled for what’s to come. Excited & inspired Trailblazers were all over the place. Dreamforce 2021 kicked off on September 21 with a roster of all-star speakers and inspiring business professionals. The event was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. There were interactive hybrid sessions, tech highlights, and beautiful country music! we can say everything was just in place. Nobody was able to resist the motivational forcefulness of the event and it was perfectly syncing with the Global Dreamforce theme of “Success Anywhere, Dreamforce Everywhere.” it seemed like it was impossible not to feel motivated there!

Salesforce CEO and founder, Marc Benioff began the keynote address as he entered onto the stage to huge cheers from all. His charisma captivated audience members with his welcoming atmosphere.

Hybrid Approach

Salesforce is always looking for ways to empower their entrepreneurs, Trailblazers, global leaders, and Salesforce enthusiasts – and with their own streaming platform Salesforce Plus they have made it easier than ever to stream the live event for free to business owners and aspirants no matter where in the world they happen to be located! As Salesforce took a hybrid approach this year. There were few attendees in San Francisco, while the rest of the world joined virtually.

Salesforce Plus Live Stream

The Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 event was streamed live on Salesforce+, and it’s clear that this is going to become the ‘Netflix’ for entrepreneurs and Trailblazers. Salesforce+ brought the magic of Dreamforce to viewers across the globe. Salesforce took the hurdle of Covid-19 and made it in as an opportunity to strengthen the need for Salesforce Plus because it was the need of the hour and there couldn’t be the perfect time to introduce it to the masses. 

A large number of professionals used Salesforce+ stream to their benefit, and about 100,000 attended the keynote address by the CEO Marc Benioff and the subsequent 150 virtual sessions.

Slack Digital HQ Innovations

Slack is back with a stronger build at this year’s Dreamforce event. With its new capabilities, Slack made itself a ‘Digital HeadQuarter’ for each department and industry which includes Slack First Sales, Slack First Service, Slack First Integration with MuleSoft for the department, and Slack First Sustainability, Slack First NonProfit, and the likes for Industries.

With the new Slack features, it’s easier than ever to improve productivity and communication. These innovations will make your business more efficient with all-inclusive solutions that include Slack clips for audio/video sharing capabilities, including Zoom connection for smooth online discussions between teams located around different time zones across offices worldwide!, Enhancements to integrate new partners on Slack and GovSlack for governments.

Salesforce Launches Health Cloud 2.0 (Dreampass)

In the Dreamforce week, Salesforce deployed Dreampass, a new part of the Health Cloud 2.0 portfolio. Dreampass enabled robust and scalable COVID-19 safety protocols for in-person attendees, including managing proof of vaccination, integrated with testing vendors, and delivered automated personalized communications throughout the process to help to ensure a safer environment for attendees, staff, and the community.

The new Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0 is a game-changer for healthcare organizations. The software assists governments and businesses to do the following:

Offers a twining solution for in-person, and on-site communication. The Dreampass feature in Health Cloud 2.0 benefits people to feel safer in an in-person meeting.

It covers the following:

  • Attendee registration management
  • COVID-19 vaccine and/or testing status verification
  • Testing vendor integration to help issue testing kits

According to Kevin Riley, SVP and GM, Healthcare and life sciences, Salesforce

“With Health Cloud 2.0, we’re (Salesforce) continuing to enhance our capabilities around care from anywhere, digital health credentialing, contact tracing, vaccine management, and more so that employees, customers, and communities can succeed in the new normal.”

Become a Trustblazer

The world faces a crisis of trust and it is incumbent on Trailblazers to step up and become Trustblazers! That was the message from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to his Salesforce family as he kicked off his Dreamforce conference keynote address But what does he mean by Trustblazer, and how can it make a difference?

Trustblazer is a one-step-ahead evolved aspect of Trailblazer, where a business looks at the current trust crisis and chooses to tackle it head-on. And since business is the apt platform for making a difference, Benioff shared a look at the Trusted Enterprise playbook as a way for businesses can go beyond the trust crisis and become a Trustblazer. 

Watch the full Trusted Enterprise episode on Salesforce+. The process has five key points which are as follows:

  1. Trust

When a business is faced with an emergency, it needs to act in accordance with its values. 89% of customers say that how companies behave during these times demonstrates their trustworthiness so businesses should reflect what makes them unique and trustworthy through actions if they want consumers or clients alike to have faith in them as a trusted partner.

  1. Customer First

In an era of direct, trusted relationships with customers it’s no surprise that being a Trusted Enterprise means treating them like gold and being customer first.

  1. Digital Headquarter

In an increasingly digital world, the importance of having a strong and up-to-date digital headquarter cannot be understated. 

  1. Health and Safety

Putting health and safety first is the Trusted Enterprise way. Salesforce’s safety protocols are a shining example of how to put health and safety first. Without them, Dreamforce in-person would not have been possible this year as well!

  1. Sustainability

In the Trusted Enterprise playbook, it is imperative that you do good for our planet. every company needs to pay attention and join efforts towards limiting its carbon footprint and join the “Race to Zero,” where more companies commit to 1.5° Celsius science-based targets. 

Sustainability Cloud 2.0

Sustainability Cloud 2.0 was one of the significant parts of the event launches to encourage customers to reach Net Zero with ease. Salesforce is teaming up with 1T.org and Global Citizen to plant 100 Million trees by 2030 in a partnership that will revolutionize how we think about environmentalism forevermore.

Roll into sustainability technology and data. catch the session on Salesforce+.

The Gold medal mindset

How do Olympic athletes and the elite in their sports get to be so good? Salesforce’s CMO Sarah Franklin found out from gold medalist Aly Raisman and Blake Leeper 

Aly Raisman, a USA Olympic gymnast turned her own motto into reality. “Practice makes perfect” was not just something that she said; it became the driving force behind every aspect of Aly’s life. Not only did she practice every day and record herself so if there were any mistakes or deviations from technique could be seen but also worked on slowly improving them through repetition until they were spotless!

The Paralympian, Blake Leeper is a prime example of how to be successful in life. He teaches us that when we are faced with tough challenges and hard times don’t ask “why me?” ask ‘why not me?’.” His struggle taught him that it was all about how you viewed your challenges. If we are able to see them for what they can do instead of being limited by the obstacles, then anything becomes possible!

This session is not to be missed! Watch here on Salesforce+.

Make space for future the Generation 

In one of the most inspiring panels on the Dreamforce stage, Eddie Ndopu, Human Rights Activist; Nice Nailantei Leng’ete, Global Ambassador Amref and TIME 100; and Kristy Drutman

They shared how Generation Z are determined to hold themselves and others accountable on society’s most pressing issues – and why businesses should make space for them if they too want to create change.

Get ready to witness the power of this session on Salesforce+.


Abhilasha Dabral

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