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Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform

Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform

Genie is a brand new data platform (Announced at Dreamforce 2022) powering the world’s first real-time CRM 🪄 Genie powers Salesforce’s whole Customer 360 platform with hyper-scale, real-time data. Using Genie, any business can transform data into customer magic, providing seamless, personalized experiences in sales, service, marketing, & commerce. It adapts adjustments of customer requirements as they keep changing.

Let’s Understand Salesforce Genie through this simple scenario:

Do you remember the last time calling customer support and spent too much time conversing through your purchase history to get the right level of assistance? And the experience of browsing an eCommerce site, hoping to find the dress you’ve been looking for weeks, only to find that buried down the page. Our lives are filled with situations like these all the time. We all desire real-time updates on every experience we have and it’s really dissatisfying when they’re not provided.

In the last 12 hours, the volume of customer data which are stored by businesses in the world has doubled and now we can imagine why customer support takes time to solve our query but worry not, cause here comes the Salesforce Genie to rescue, now businesses can make sense of all their data regardless of what systems, channels, or data streams they use. Throughout the customer experience, all data is integrated into one customer profile. A real-time customer profile can be used to create unprecedented levels of personalization, which feels like magic.

Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform | Introduction to Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Genie Features

Now let’s talk about Salesforce Genie vital features:

  • “A Real-Time” service is one that is delivered both swiftly and before a customer realizes they even need one.
  • Integrating the digital and physical worlds: analyzing and gathering signals from websites, adverts, IoT and more. 
  • As Salesforce Genie tracks the entire Salesforce platform (Customer 360), it can aggregate data from any source across the organization, and drive insights, actions, and interactions over sales, service, marketing, commerce, MuleSoft, Tableau, and so many more.

It’s quite crucial for Salesforce Industries because each industry links Salesforce with distinct platforms for their industry such as banks with an overload of customer records, bank administration, and other paperwork. The goal of Salesforce is not to alter these approaches, but rather to combine and use their data more efficiently.

Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform | Real-Time Customer 360 for every Industry

An Analysis of Salesforce Genie v/s Salesforce CDP

With Genie, we can say Salesforce CDP has been transformed into something more than just traditional CDP:

  • In addition to marketing use cases: While CDPs are generally geared toward marketers, Genie combines data for service in all Customer 360 products, allowing it to be used by every department.
  • Quicker: With Genie’s zero data copy architecture rather than syncing data, Genie can read data sources without moving or duplicating data into Salesforce. It’s like a new generation of integration, enabling you to speed up the entire process.
An Analysis of Salesforce Genie v/s Salesforce CDP | Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform

Among all Salesforce products, Salesforce CDP has seen the greatest growth organically. Let’s jump to Salesforce Genie, which is not a separate product, it is part of Salesforce’s product portfolio, replacing Salesforce CDP, and based on Salesforce’s new data infrastructure. 

How does the Salesforce Genie Work?

Real-time data streams are ingested and stored by Genie at giant scale, and integrates it with Salesforce data. Genie combines data from every channel, MuleSoft legacy data, and historical data from proprietary data lakes through built-in connectors.

How does the Salesforce Genie Work? | Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform

Despite this tech having been built organically (rather than acquired), Salesforce Genie is built on a foundation that goes back to the launch of the Salesforce Platform in 2007. Its core pillars are as follows:

  • Flow: With Genie, everything is actionable thanks to Salesoforce’s metadata model. Salesforce Genie gets real-time data input to fuel Flow faster. Flow rescues companies infinite hours each month by automating Salesforce record updates and more.
  • Einstein: Using Salesforce metadata, the Genie can get real-time predictions from Einstein. 
  • Genie: Salesforce’s “hyper-scale data platform” for ingesting, storing, and combining real-time data streams.
  • Hyperforce: Genie is made on Salesforce’s Hyperforce public cloud infrastructure, which offers data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls. Hyperforce also offers data ethics features that give consumers the guidance and trust they need.
Real-Time Customer 360 Powered by Salesforce Genie | Customer 360 Delivers Magical Customers Experiences | Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform

Note: You must use Hyperforce in order to use Salesforce Genie which is Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure. With Hyperforce: Managing data responsibly and increasing consumer trust is made easy, it delivers data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls. 

To learn more about it, please visit here.

Salesforce Genie: Open & Extensible

On the AppExchange, the “Genie Collection” features 18 partners who will integrate with Genie. For it, to become even more effective, Salesforce has developed partnerships with “who’s who” in the data space, including:

  • Snowflake: Snowflake data can be accessed directly by Genie, and vice versa, without having to move or duplicate data (zero-data copy architecture) with secure real-time and open data sharing.
  • Amazon SageMaker: Since Genie is an open data platform, you can “bring your own” AI. SageMaker that works instantly with Einstein.
  • First-party advertising integrations that are privacy-safe: You’ll be able to deliver more personalized and efficient marketing at scale due to better advertising activation and insights.
Genie is Open and Extensible | Strategic Partners - Open Data Access| First Party Advertising | Bring Your Own AI | Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform
Salesforce Genie | New Data Stream | New Activaton | Register A Model | Salesforce Unbottled The ‘Genie’ Platform

Salesforce Genie in Work Mode

With Salesforce Genie, data is unified across the Customer 360 products, enabling a multitude of use cases for every department, such as:

Sales Cloud Genie: The Einstein system can help sales reps adjust to customer conversations and receive real-time recommendations to offer customers.

Salesforce Genie in Action and In Work Mode | Sales Cloud Genie

Service Cloud Genie: A contact center agent or a field agent can deliver proactive service with real-time alerts, step-in and resolve cases. It is critical to know that IoT plays an instrumental part here. 

Salesforce Genie in Action and In Work Mode | Service Cloud Genie

Marketing Cloud Genie

Marketers can offer personalized messages in different channels that can alter, in real-time, customer activity across different brand properties (websites, mobile apps, advertising platforms, etc.)

  • Commerce Cloud Genie: Retailers can customize shopping affairs based on real-time customer activity, such as left out shopping carts or mobile app actions.
  • Tableau Genie: Keep track of KPIs in real-time to identify sales spikes, service points, or marketing movements.
  • MuleSoft Genie: Get access to real-time data on any platform, regardless of whether it is modern or legacy.
  • Slack Genie: With intelligent workflows it facilitates teams with the ability to see real-time data by any channel.
Marketing Cloud Genie | Commerce Cloud Genie | Tableau Genie | MuleSoft Genie | Slack Genie


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