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Salesforce Introduces New Slack Innovations To Accelerate Team Productivity

Salesforce Introduces New Slack Innovations To Accelerate Team Productivity

Slack’s acquisition by Salesforce in 2021 formed big news around the tech world that continues today. Why? because of the flexibility: We expect to work anywhere and anytime, so Salesforce came up with the digital HQ (powered by Slack).

Slack innovates using three core principles: 

  1. Make what’s hard in the office easier 
  2. Bring what we enjoy from the workplace 
  3. Build unique value for the digital headquarters.

Furthermore, Slack’s brand new developer platform will be presented in open beta, allowing any developer to access the technology sooner (as opposed to a closed beta that is invite-only).

You’ll find an overview of the three biggest updates to Slack this year in this guide.

Powering the Future of Work with new innovations from Slack & Customer 360 for your Digital HQ | Salesforce Introduces New Slack Innovations To Accelerate Team Productivity

Slack Canvas

Along with a Slack channel, Canvas is also in the house. Slack canvases are defined as a “surface to capture and share knowledge [with] the ability to access and take action on Salesforce data directly in Slack”.

Slack Canvas | Salesforce Introduces New Slack Innovations To Accelerate Team Productivity

This is a panel that pins vital information for the channel, such as:

  • A permanent repository for curating, organizing, and sharing the most important channel resources.
  • Comment functionality on Canvas is similar to that of Slack threads.
  • Embed workflows that users can pitch through buttons & forms.
  • Import data from record systems, such as Salesforce Customer 360, Jira, Figma and etc.
Slack Canvas Panel | Salesforce Introduces New Slack Innovations To Accelerate Team Productivity

Despite the fact that canvases initially correspond to Slack channels, you can link sub-canvases to assist users in guiding through the wealth of info each canvas can provide.

Your favorite Slack integrations will be available with canvas today.

Slack Canvas Use Cases

  • New hire onboarding.
  • Executive briefings.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Account updates.
  • Incident reports.

In what ways are you going to use canvas?

Availability: In 2023, it will be generally available.

Slack Canvas Use Cases | Salesforce Introduces New Slack Innovations To Accelerate Team Productivity

Coworking Space Huddles

Huddles enable you to join quick discussions, and audio calls from any channel or DM, They are typically 10 minutes long, and now resolving issues without scheduling meetings is as easy as it can be. 

Coworking Space Huddles

Huddles Coworking strives to imitate in-person collaboration by including:

  • Screen sharing and video.
  • Pop-up window.
  • The comments and reactions.
  • Post-huddle threads and Chat in the thread.

Availability: Following several months of successful pilot testing, the product is generally available now.

Slack Huddles

Slack’s Brand New Platform

With the new Slack Platform, you can rapidly build, customize, and share workflows to automate work for your team with a comprehensive set of developer tools.

The new developer experience will be presented in open beta for the first time, indicating that any developer can access the technology sooner (instead of closed beta, which is invitation-only). 

Slack’s Brand New Platform

Availability: Get started in open beta today! In 2023, it will be available.

Summary: Slack’s Innovation

Slack is innovating by following three principles, and this is what has come to fruition, in 2022, so far:

1. Easing office challenges remotely:

  • Asynchronous meetings.
  • Clips.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Slack Connect.
Slack’s Innovation

2. Bring what we enjoy from the workplace:

  • Huddles (and Huddles Coworking).

3. Delivering exceptional value for the digital HQ:

  • Flow in Slack (clicks/low-code)
  • Apex SDK for Slack (pro-code)
  • Slack Apps for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud.

If you are interested in learning more about Salesforce’s recent announcement at Dreamforce, please check out this page.


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