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Dreamforce 2022: Day 2 Recap

Dreamforce 2022: Day 2 Recap

Hello there, Here’s a recap of the second day of Dreamforce 2022. We are here to bring you all the details.

Our day is going to be packed again today after yesterday’s keynote hosted by co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor, which included new releases for Customer 360 and Slack (plus a surprise performance from Lenny Kravitz).

Today’s keynote will dive deeper into existing and already-announced products, but there will also be some surprises. So what’s up next?

Salesforce and WhatsApp Partnership

Salesforce and WhatsApp soon integrating to bring business messaging to Customer 360

There will be more details on this later, but for now Salesforce  has revealed that The partnership of Whatsapp & Salesforce will benefit the customers soon.

Through the partnership, Salesforce users will be able to communicate instantly with their customers via WhatsApp-first business messaging that’s constructed straight within the Salesforce platform.

To learn about it in detail, please visit here.

Commerce keynote

The three quick-fire announcements under commerce keynotes are about:

  1. Commerce Marketplace
  2. Digital Subscription App
  3. Direct to Consumer App

Salesforce declares the general availability of its Digital Subscription App, which will help companies generate regular revenue streams, and its Direct to Consumer App.

Additionally, the company discussed its approaching marketplace service, which will fix the issue of launching new marketplace offerings for both B2C and B2B players. Customers will be able to diversify their revenue streams when the new service becomes available next year.

These are the three quick bulletins with light details. But the most important info specifically is that the marketplace offering seems to be a blessing for businesses exploring the possibilities linked with bringing third-party products into their online stores.

To learn more about it, Please visit here.

Net Zero keynote

Now let’s talk about Salesforce’s plans to rev its drive towards net zero.

In regards to the increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, Suzanne DiBianca, EVP and Chief Impact Officer said, “Now is the time to flatten the curve and then bring it down.”

In addition to cutting emissions, she also discussed how to sequester carbon through tree planting, which is an effective tool for reducing carbon emissions.

Currently, Salesforce is committed to reducing its emissions by 50% by 2030 and already using renewable energy for data centers and real estate.


A major theme of the show was Salesforce’s idea of empowering ecopreneurs, which sought to help businesses minimize their carbon footprints without placing a tax on operations.

Additionally, Salesforce will support ecopreneurs as part of its sustainability strategy, as it accelerates towards net zero and pursues sequestration projects.

To learn more about it, visit here.

Net Zero Marketplace

A conversation follows regarding the company’s carbon credits marketplace, referring to everyday concerns such as carbon offsetting, efficacy, and fraud. Nevertheless, DiBianca explains that Salesforce believes that the practice will play a larger role as time goes on.

To learn more about it, visit here.

Fireside chat b/w Marc Benioff & Jane Goodall

In a “fireside chat,” Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff met with zoologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, who might be the first scientist to observe chimpanzees crafting tools from twigs, leaves, and other materials.

Discover Jane’s perspective on environmentalism.

“Our species is at the start of a very long, very dark tunnel. At the other end is a bright star: hope. Every one of us has an impact on the planet every single day and we have to decide what we want that impact to be. We need more collaboration, more partnerships, and more working together. At the moment, people aren’t thinking holistically. For example, closing one coal mine may lead to an increase in local poverty, itself a driver of emissions.”

In the following conversation, Benioff asks Goodall whether she is optimistic about curtailing global warming and what avenues individuals and businesses can take.

“People are beginning to understand what we need to do. Unfortunately, for most governments and corporations, profit comes first. That’s why I have great hope for young people. If we can’t learn to live in harmony with nature, we’ll never live in peace. We need to find the will to act,” she adds.

This concludes the keynotes for today. We’ll be back with all the other exciting announcements at Dreamforce later on. Until then, check out our previous blog post on ‘Dreamforce’s Day 1 Updates’. Let’s meet soon, bye bye.🙋‍♀️


Abhilasha Dabral

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