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Best of DF’19: Eight Highlights that we loved most

A phenomenal event that takes place once in a year! Dreamforce is a truly global event, with attendees from various countries around the world flocking to San Francisco to experience four high-energy days of innovation, education, fun and giving back. The excitement was palpable. It is said that this year DF was memorable of all but the question is what was so unique about DF’19?

So, Here We are going to explain 8  Highlights you need to know about Dreamforce 2019.

1) Stories of Trailblazers

Stories of Trailblazers

Never has there been more Trailblazer shared their success stories at this platform. It was a heartwarming experience for all. To share their (salesforce) happiness and huge success in the salesforce economy. Credit goes to all the people who contributed directly or indirectly in this adventure of tech. 

Trailhead is playing a key role in growing the Salesforce community and empowering developers to extend their abilities. Kris Muller Vice President of Product Marketing at Salesforce talked about the importance of Trailhead as a tool to reskill the workforce. Chris Duarte, map of Trailhead Content showcased new upgraded Trailhead features to advance learning. 

They welcomed admins, developers, architects, business leaders, brands, and so many people to highlight the voices and stories that make this diverse community of Trailblazers. Along with that trailblazers shared their approach of how they are advancing and innovating around the client and changing their own careers by learning popular skills with Trailhead. After all, Motivating & Making this world a better place is all about being a trailblazer.

Here are some of the stories, which I resonated with most:

2) Customer 360:

Dreamforce'19: Twelve best highlightsAsk any Salesforce representative and they’ll say Customer 360 is the huge announcement of 2019. Salesforce’s big idea is one that you’ve heard of before from other enterprise software vendors: a 360 degree view of the client but with a different lens. It is that one particular view where you can see all and know the total information of the customer in just one place. In other words, it is one integrated CRM to assist the business to gain a single view of their clients. In the Dreamforce Campground, participants took an interest in live demos and got the chance to build personalized Customer 360 by role, industry, and goal.

Although it was introduced at Dreamforce 2018, In the DF’19 salesforce expanded Customer 360 with new features that made it easier to bridge fragmented customer data across an entire organization and enable companies to deliver integrated customer engagement at scale. Customer 360 goes beyond the traditional customer data platform (CDP) capabilities and extends the practices of CRM with consumer-scale data management and activation.

While this Platform seems like a challenge, but all it needs some practice and after that, it can create some great opportunities. The reality is that as this digital trail grows, for those who are capable of following and capturing it, a pool of invaluable data about the customer and their journey will present itself.

This data will allow companies to not only better understand the people they are serving But help them deliver better customer experiences If they want to set themselves up for long-term success and growth.
And for that – A 360-degree view of the customer is all a business need!

3) Importance of Health & Wellness

Thrive Global Founder and CEO Arianna Huffington and Salesforce Chairman and Co-CEO Marc Benioff joined together for a talk on the significance of wellbeing and health in accomplishing goals. Arianna talked about the mission of Thrive Global to eradicate the stress and burnout epidemic. She additionally shared her perspectives on meditation, breath, and spirituality in order to come out of stress & epidemic.

She also shared her powerful and inspirational Life incidents of how she got collapsed and hit her head and broke her cheekbones, Her tussle of being a single mother of two teenage daughters. Her Struggle from which she came out as a strong woman we know today.

Here is her touching story of “rise after fall”:

4) Salesforce Data Mask

Salesforce Data Mask

Salesforce has presented Salesforce Data Mask that will help businesses customize, fabricate, and test on Salesforce while securing and verifying sensitive data. This tool anonymizes and erases shielded data from sandbox environments so that you can test with high fidelity substitute data and ensure that your client’s data is kept private and confidential. This new tool was introduced GDPR & other data guidelines passing all over the world ensuring data is secure in every environment. It is also known as data anonymization or pseudonymization, takes care of this issue. Live data is anonymized to make it safe for use in non-production environments.

Anonymization adds fictitious details to the data to cover sensitive information, for example, credit card numbers and client addresses. If a security breach occurs and the non-production data is compromised or undermined, data masking can limit the danger of disclosing sensitive and confidential data.

There are various methods for masking live data. Information can be increased with prefixes and suffixes, rearranged to revamp the existing contents, replaced with random commotion, or replaced with user-specified data. These methods ensure to protect the production information without diminishing its usefulness.

Salesforce Data Mask encourages you to secure essential data assets by masking sensitive live data for use outside of the production environment. There are so many reasons why data masking is a best practice for Salesforce operations.

In this following video, You will know about Mix & Mask, And How you can use data anonymization and encryption to improve trust.

5) Einstein Voice:

Dreamforce 2019: The World’s Largest Tech Event Ever.Let’s be honest- We’ve all always adored the idea of Einstein Voice because virtual assistants are extremely popular nowadays. Now we can make our very own Einstein voice commands – no code required. For instance, make a custom voice command for salespeople that will let them know whether they’re on track to hit their quota. While accepting that it will take a couple of years before Einstein Voice is very much adopted (just like in our own lives), technology like this makes me wonder how other organizations can even think of competing with Salesforce!

This Voice Assistant is something beyond a glorified transcriber. Users can update Salesforce records and make tasks using natural language requests, or tap Einstein Voice Assistant to explore through Einstein Analytics dashboards and surface metrics like open service cases and performance direction. In addition, thanks to native joining with mainstream voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, Einstein Voice Assistant can deliver a daily brief of “key priorities” like upcoming calendar schedule & appointments and team pipeline updates.

For those in need more greater customization, there’s Einstein Voice Skills (previously Einstein Voice Builder), a toolbox that supports the creation of voice-powered corporate apps. From a setup page, developers and administrators select client relationship management actions — for example updating a field, creating a task, or reading out a prediction — and the fields or objects that inform regarding those activities. Applications can be purpose-built for the necessities of employee roles or teams, and Einstein Voice Skills affords control over data (e.g., next steps and follow-up tasks) is read back and the channels and devices on which apps are accessible.

6. Inspirational Speakers 

Tim Cook about Apple and Steve’s Values and ‘Think Different’ philosophy

At its core, Dreamforce is about business, technology, and the future. Who better to talk about these things than the man behind the company with the world’s largest market capitalization? Tim Cook is an industrial engineer and the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. He is a massively influential player in the tech scene. Whether it’s design, entertainment, publishing, or innovation, Cook has his hands in the cookie jar. As of 2018, Apple Inc. hit a market capitalization of almost $1 trillion. 

No doubt business leaders were waiting eagerly for Cooks talk. He shared how his company embeds values like uniformity, supportability, and security into the early stages of product development.

Marco Bizzarri Thoughts on Business and Values

A frequent theme of the Dreamforce talks revolved around businesses guided by a core set of values, aligned around making a difference in the world. Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri talked about how he transformed his company culture by bringing in new voices, including diversity, and putting an emphasis on self-articulation.

Despite the fact that criticized at first, the company eventually achieved an increase in revenue. “If you don’t do the right things in terms of values, you don’t attain financial results,” he explained. Starting off as a financial consultant for Accenture to President and CEO of the flagship luxury brand Gucci. When it comes to unifying fashion and business, Marco excels with flying colors.

He is credited for the near-light speed turnaround of Gucci’s profitability which seems to be ballooning every year. In 2016, Gucci sales rose 13% (€4.38 billion), the next year, 45% (€6.21 billion). Marco has acquired several accolades including International Business Leader at Fashion Awards, Knight of the Legion of Honour in France, Humanitarian of the Year Award by the UNA among others.

Bret Taylor’s “True to the Core” customer forum

After an action-packed first day of Dreamforce 2019, the expectation was at the peak for day two event; and as always this event never fails to deliver. It was an awesome day & some of the top personalities were featured including Bret Taylor. His “True to the Core” customer forum returned at Dreamforce’19. Taylor gave a preview of the product roadmap and answered questions from attendees. “What [True to the Core] means to me is making sure we realize the vision of software as a service, which means the products and the features we release to get better every year, and we don’t lose sight of the core of our product at the expense of new, shiny features,” said Taylor.

Barack Obama about Leadership

Dreamforce had some extra star power as Barack Obama was there. The highlight of that event was a long-awaited message of 44th U.S. President. Attendees loved what he had to say on values, leadership, and diversity. He shares his two big powerful lessons which were ‘be kind and be useful’. 

Emilia Clarke about bouncing back in life

Among other leading figures at the prestigious Dreamfroce 2019, Game of Thrones- Emilia Clarke was also there and she spoke her heart out. She talked about her Brain Injuries. Millions like Emilia Clarke experience the ill effects of the consequences of trauma or stroke. Just like PTSD, this mental condition requires constant care (most importantly from people around).

This undetectable disease makes the individual invisible. Dreamforce 2019 saw her talk about subarachnoid hemorrhage, life-threatening neurological disorders, that almost killed Emilia Clarke. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is the result of a stroke that causes bleeding inside the brain.

In addition, the actress also previously mentioned in the New Yorker article how she forgot her very own name and couldn’t even speak after surgery. Emilia Clarke panicked and wanted to die because as an actress the most important ability was to remember and communicate. Emilia Came Out the Other Side, Stronger and More Inspirational than Ever.

Analysing Metahuman with Deepak Chopra:

New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra unlocks the secrets to moving beyond our present limitations to get to a field of vast and infinite possibilities. How does one do this? By becoming metahuman. At Dreamforce too Deepak Chopra discussed the ideas and concepts of his latest book Metahuman. To be a metahuman isn’t science fiction and is certainly not about being a superhuman. It’s possible to venture beyond daily living and experience increased states of awareness. He unfolds a way to higher consciousness up that enables all to understand our infinite potential.

7) Equal Opportunities:

In one of the most intriguing discussions of the day, Dreamforce had a board of business pioneers conversing about the significance of equality and the power of welcoming somebody to promote representation. The group of the specialist was Deloitte Principal Tonie Leatherberry, Chairman and CEO of Adtalem Global Education Lisa Wardell, and CEO of United Airlines Oscar Munoz. The specialists shared their stories of how they got their opportunity, how someone gave them a chance to help break the glass ceiling. Their experiences reaffirmed the power of mentorship and sponsorship.

8) Fleetwood Mac at Dreamforce:

Music that resonates with all ages. Fleetwood Mac is most loved among millennials and older generations alike. Their music strikes just the right notes of human emotion and does a spectacular job at it. Hit melodies, for example, “Songbird” and “Secondhand News” are ideal for when you are feeling offbeat or when you need that extra push to just move forward. People often credit Fleetwood Mac for making music that tells the most powerful stories. Dreamfest is essentially a benefit that Salesforce holds every Dreamforce with the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Every donation that people make when they come to watch Fleetwood Mac at Dreamforce is used to provide world-class care to young children and make an impact. Attendees were blessed to receive a night of music, dancing, and ballpark fare — in addition to an unforgettable, 5-minute drum solo by the energetic Mick Fleetwood.

Winding Up!

Dreamforce 2019 was a dead-on success! The talks of top CEOs on the Future of Retail, Healthcare and financial services, and the discussions on Customer 360 and “Einstein Voice” were the highlights that inspired techies world-wide. The Outfierce Party and the performances of Fleetwood mac delivered some kickass moments.

DF’19 had proved that it’s not all about education and fun alone but is essentially about making the world a better place for everyone. And now brace yourselves, for Dreamforce 2020 is about to prove it once again with an extra punch!

Dreamforce 2019: The World’s Largest Tech Event Ever.

Abhilasha Dabral

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