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A Detailed Look at Salesforce's Net Zero Marketplace for Carbon Credits

A Detailed Look at Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace for Carbon Credits

Salesforce unveils its first-of-its-kind marketplace for carbon credit at Dreamforce 2022, which enables any organization to move towards net zero carbon emissions.

With the introduction of this marketplace, Salesforce has made Sustainability its fifth core value, highlighting their commitment to tackling climate change as well as helping organizations advance their initiatives.

The purpose of carbon credits is to neutralize carbon emissions for companies. Every credit means one ton of carbon, with the proceeds going to projects fighting climate change such as the planting of trees or the restoration of forests. 

Powered by the Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace connects buyers and ecopreneurs, offering a catalog of projects with an easy-peasy e-commerce experience for purchasing them.

Net Zero Marketplace | A Detailed Look at Salesforce's Net Zero Marketplace for Carbon Credits

As Salesforce makes sustainability a core value, they are also focusing more on helping customers reach their net-zero goals. For customers to track their environmental impact, Salesforce also offers the Net Zero Cloud in addition to the Net Zero Marketplace.

Carbon credit marketplace launch purpose

In the face of the climate crisis, every business, institution, and government has a role to play. Sure, Salesforce is usually renowned for its B2B solutions and products, but if you think about it, their expertise lies in developing persuasive platforms that connect buyers & sellers (AppExchange), as well as flourishing ecosystems (Trailblazer Community). Using a trusted platform in Commerce Cloud, they built the marketplace fast, letting them adapt as they innovate and develop across their entire ecosystem.

Ecopreneurs Drive Creation of Carbon Credits | A Detailed Look at Salesforce's Net Zero Marketplace for Carbon Credits

With this launch, Salesforce pursues a vision

Briefly, Salesforce’s vision for Net Zero Marketplace consists of three aspects:-

  1. Everyone understands their responsibility towards climate action.
  2. Carbon credits will be trusted and transparent transactions.
  3. Salesforce fuels and accelerates the “Ecopreneur” revolution and scales the impact of climate action.

The Carbon Credit Marketplace in Detail

As the name suggests, carbon credits act as a pass for CO2 emissions. Companies purchase carbon credits to balance the emissions they produce so where do the Net Zero Marketplace’s carbon credits come from, well the answer is Ecopreneurs, eco-friendly & environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who lead and drive global climate action.

The marketplace ties buyers with authentic providers of carbon credits. Organizations that visit the marketplace can learn about carbon projects without paying or joining and can see pricing and third-party ratings transparently.

Nina Schoen Director of Product Management for Net Zero Marketplace, Salesforce quote on Climate action | A Detailed Look at Salesforce's Net Zero Marketplace for Carbon Credits

Reasons for Tech Company Launching A Global Carbon Marketplace.

Companies are seeking guidance in navigating the next frontier: climate action, just as they did while moving to the cloud. Over the years Salesforce has gained valuable experience in sustainability and voluntary carbon markets, which it can share with other organizations.

In today’s world Investors, customers, and employees hope organizations have solid climate action plans. However, several factors depend on it, such as their brand & reputation. Companies with global reach, innovation powers, and funds availability are well-positioned to play a significant role in climate change.

The Most Thrilling Part

Earlier this year, Net Zero Marketplace was just an idea. Salesforce engineers developed an impressive proof of concept using Commerce Cloud one month later.

As Salesforce began working with its carbon credit providers, the providers immediately validated their vision that Salesforce was on track to create a huge impact on the world. As a result of their values-aligned interest in accomplishing this together, Salesforce learned that this will be great.

Note: The points above are taken from Nina Schoen’s, Director of Product Management for Net Zero Marketplace, conversation on Salesforce’s official website.

If you are interested in learning more about Salesforce’s recent announcement at Dreamforce, please check out this page.


Abhilasha Dabral

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