"Game Of Thrones" character near my workstation ?

We at Concretio Apps are approaching our second anniversary in September 2016. Me and my leads never wanted awards labeled with "Best Employee...", "Best Performer...", which are mostly driven by management and its always unfair with rest of the team to award a single employee. Company is not a single employee show, its sweat and blood of every team member.

We were thinking of a democratic and fun way to reward team mates on anniversary celebration. To execute this plan, we decided to have GOT (Game OThrones) as theme for awards, and we will pick top five characters out of the same. We started a character nomination process and out of nearly 10 nominated characters, we came up with following five most favourited characters:
  1. Tyrion Lannister
  2. Arya Stark
  3. Jon Snow
  4. Daenerys Targaryen
  5. Ramsay Bolton [ really :-) ]
Next we all worked together to figure out top three traits of all 5 characters, which will make next round of voting easy for everyone to judge and nominate each other based on the same.

Next was spinning up a Google Form, and sharing with each team member to nominate each other. Here is a quick preview of the work in progress Google form:

We are also printing GOT themed reward certificates and trophies, and very excited to see results of these nominations, specially knowing wins Ramsay title ;-)

This process was quite a fun exercise, thanks for my team mates, for making this possible and actively participating in this award experiment. Pretty excited and looking forward to our anniversary event.

We are thankful to all our customers/partners who made these two years possible. Bigger thanks to my team, for all the trust, commitment and hard work. I feel blessed to have team mates like you, and I'm sure we will make a small dent in Salesforce universe!

September 1, 2016
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